Friday, May 08, 2009

Why Do I Need A "Club Card"?

What the fuck is up with this shit?
I go to Safeway, I get some food, I go to the cutest check out lady and she does the scanner thing and then I get a shocker of a total to pay.

She asks me if I have a Club Card.

Oh Hell yes I have a Club Card because if I don't. you motherfuckers are going to make a 110% profit on my ass.

Ya know, I don't mind someone making a bit of profit but you sonsabitches make a goddamn killing if some poor schmuck don't have that fucking card. I learned that the hard way.
I spent less than forty bucks and "SAVED" thirteen and change because I had the fucking card. THIRTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS!

How much do you make an hour?
Thirteen bucks an hour?
Twenty five bucks an hour?
Independently rich and stupid?

How about Minimum Wage?
Food Stamps?

The Banking scandal is enough that some humanoids ought to be reduced to worm food but this insidious loan sharking of food stuffs is criminal.

I ain't holding my breath for any Congressional investigations and wouldn't trust their conclusion anyway.

I have found a local farmers market but they they certainly don't have frozen pizza's.

Safeway ain't the only one, either. Albertson's and Fred Meyer are all over that shit too.
It seems that if ya gotta buy groceries, ya have to be black mailed into getting some kind of card so the sonsabitches can keep track of what ya buy or you are an idiot and give them two bucks for a fifty cent item.
If ya can find a Mom and Pop store, you are going to pay out the nose because that is the only way they can stay in business.
I'm all for that shit though.
Someone needs to keep these big box bastards at bay.

Safeway has a strangle hold around here unless ya want to drive ten fucking miles to go grocery shopping, only to find out some other fucker wants ya to have some kind of fucking card.

Someone needs a good Cock Punch.

I ain't got a choice but to deal with these fuckers and I ain't liking it.

Does anyone else seem to have the same damn problem getting vittles around their town?


  1. my two choices are fred meyer and safeway. i got spoiled on the mt with the ben lomond market - it was like a farmers market inside the grocery store, local produce, local chickens, eggs, etc. good food and the price was reasonable. dayam, i miss that store.

    i h-a-t-e safeway and fred meyer isn't much better. *deep sigh*

    farmer's market don't start here until the middle of june

  2. I got the freakin' bonanza in grocery here in Renton. I gots Safeway and QFC a couple blocks apart, Albertson's eight blocks north of that, four Mexican groceries within a block or two of the big boys, a farmer's market produce place with a damn fine butcher in the same building two blocks from the QFC.

    Oh, and a lady that sells homemade tamales door to door at my apartment.

    I agree, BK...I hate those damn cards. If you don't have one or forget it, you're screwed. One benefit though... three years ago I won a House of Blues contest to see Bare Naked Ladies in Atlanta. I didn't even know I was entered. Seems I was automatically entered when I bought Kraft cheese at QFC.

    Imagine my surprise when I got to Atlanta and all I saw was a Canadian pop group.

  3. in manhattan supermarkets arent all that super - the closest one is Associated and it is a dump - i always like to clean the dust off the oranje juice. but they have a club! and if you get enough points they clean the dust up for you

  4. More "luck" of living in civilization. I have 3 independent grocers within easy reach as well as many small delis, bakeries and specialty shops. PLUS all the big box places.

    I still have the big box value cards because sometimes it just pays.

    We spend the bulk of our grocery budget at the close-by Ed's Way store. The selection isn't as spectacular, but the quality is good, the prices fair and the people are friendly.

    Life is compromise? I live in a metro area to reap its benefits and tolerate its less than ideal "amenities". YMMV.

  5. I knew one guy who got one of those. He asked if they gave him the card or if they mailed it out. They said they gave it to him there, so he put down his name as "Heywood J. Blome".

  6. We've had these damn cards for a long time around here. (Safeway&City Market)
    It's all about tracking what you buy and it sucks because there is no choice.

    But that ain't the half of it. Friday I go in to City Market to get my daily donut a maple one with nuts like I always do about 6:30 and when I go to get checked out all the lanes are closed. WTF!

    New corporate policy that early you have to check yourself out at the scanners that have been there for several years that I have refused to use.

    Grabbed the manager who I know and told him it's Safeway until I get the personal interaction that I expect and enjoy with the same people who have been checking me out for years. Also picked up a comment form that will be headed to the biggies on Monday morning.

    Yea-shit like this pisses me off too Busted.

  7. Well you could always do like me... I just go to the customer service desk, ask for a card and tell them I will fill it out later. I don't fill out shit, I just use the card till I lose it somewhere and then I get a new one. If they insist on having you fill the shit out just make shit up, its not like you have to tell them the truth.

  8. We have several stores that have those little cards. But a couple don't. Aldi's and Save-A-Lot. They seem to cater to Mexican workers (in Ohio) so I find stuff I'm kinda familiar with from NM. I like that.
    They also don't bag your groceries, no big deal.
    I would kiss the feet of anyone who came by selling homemade tamales! How I miss them!

  9. Move over Margot.

    I swear I am going to teach myself how to make the good stuff.

    Yer a sweetie, thanks for stopping by!

  10. Shinerbock, see Comrade Misfits comment.
    Heywood J. Blowme, is a fucking classic.

  11. Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Ralphs: All corporate whores and union-busting thugs.

    Trader Joes, on the other hand: when the others were locking workers out here in L.A. during the strike a oouple of years ago, TJs (and Howes, the local 5 store chain) found jobs for everyone and honored union contracts.

  12. Hey I hear Ace Hardware has pitchforks and tourches on sale this month but don't forget your rewards card ;-)

  13. Anonymous5:08 PM

    What's new? You are constantly pissed off.

  14. And I know where to hide the bodies too.

    Man up fer Chrissakes and put a name to the comment.

  15. I said "no" during a very busy time of the evening and the harried clerk gave me a card, swiped it past the scanner, and said "fill out that form and turn it in at customer service" and started on the next customer. I did nothing of the sort. That card, nicely anonymous, has been lurking in my wallet ever since. Safeway knows there's someone who eats a lot of herring who shops there, but not who that person is. Heh.

    - Badtux the Herring-eatin' Penguin

  16. i only shop at non chains, i refuse to do it anywhere else, with the exception of burger king once in a while, when i can i buy at the farmers market or out of produce stands, we need to kill these corporate machines while we still can, before they ruin our neighborhoods and towns