Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Hate Being Right

How's that economy working for ya now?

I have been watching this fucking disaster unfold since November, 2007, and have been telling you it was coming.
Boy, was I right, unfortunately.

Even worse, it is going to continue falling off a cliff indefinitely.

GM and Chrysler recently announced to their best customers, the dealers, that they want to close over two thousand of them.

Do the math.
An average dealership has at least fifty employees, with dependents.
The dealer also has expenses such as office supply, parts vendors, cleaning staff, BANKERS who depend on their business, the local eateries, grocery stores, insurance assholes, you get the drift. Hell, the mechanics are generally in debt to the tool guys like Snap On to the tune of thousands of bucks, each.
Now times that by TWO THOUSAND.

Yeah, it is getting rough out there.

NIKE, the shoe giant, announced it is laying off a buttload too.
Every fucking day we go down hill.

I'm telling ya, you haven't seen anything yet.

The foreclosure rate is going to break all existing records as soon as all those with adjustable rate mortgages get hit in the face here soon.
There is a rash due starting late this year and more next year.

Couple that with record unemployment, which the government lies it's ass off about anyway, and the Shit Is, going to hit the fan.

Estimates show that the actual unemployment rate is already at 15%.

Some people are waking up and even more are wide awake with visible fear for their continued existence.

Here is a snapshot of what the fuck is going on in this country.

Take a minute and go read that, a tip of the hat to my favorite news source, the ornery bastards at Fark.

It says that people are buying lots of running shoes, they must not be NIKE's.

Get it into your heads that this is a long term problem, there is no quick fix and every one of us are going to have profound changes come into our lives, one way or the other.

I ain't no economist, I are a mekanik and I can see bad shit happening, daily now.

The FedGov is fucking lying to you, shit is bad.

That is why I have been hammering on people to at the very least, get some food and water put away, because the whole fucking shebang might get a time out.


There have always been hungry people in our midst, which is criminal in my mind, how much fucking money gets thrown at shit like our Defense spending.

Take a look around, how many people have you seen at on ramps with a piece of cardboard in their hands lately?

I saw four at one long ramp yesterday.

I know damn well and good no one wants to read Doom and Gloom but if you are paying attention, it is high time to get something going for yourself.

Good old Micky Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog is always a good read, this guy lives in a trailer out in the boonies and seems to know what the hell it takes to get by fairly comfortably, something to consider.
I read his stuff every day.

He is currently looking to hook up with more Bloggers and get more traffic so I said I would give him a plug.

Like I said, I am just a mechanic but I ain't stupid and things are looking to get a might rough.

There is a giant repository of knowledge available out there, all ya gotta do is start using yer browser, the internet is a wonderful thing.

I would highly recommend starting with Monkeyfister, that guy has a damn encyclopedia of gardening info on his sidebar, plus, he is a genuinely nice guy.

Tell him I said howdy and get after it.
Three months food and water minimum, for everyone in your immediate family and start talking to your neighbors, if ya can stand them.


  1. When are you going to stop telling the truth, BK? Most of really can't handle it, ya know.

  2. Yeah, I know.

    Thanks for stopping by Fearguth, I visit you everyday too, twice!

  3. I couldn't say anything but I knew something was up in May of 06.

  4. i think this started the Ronald Reagan strode into office