Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Think My Friend Needs Help

I was just over to my buddy PhysioProf's place and I am...
at a loss for words.

I think an intervention may be necessary.


Dude, that is half a bubble out of plumb.I don't even want to know what the search terms were that led you to that.

Ya gotta admit there is some creativity there but man, that is like, performance art gone horribly wrong. Oh yeah, the guy with his ass hanging out really did it for me, pull yer fucking britches up, idiot.

Ya gotta love PhysioProf though, he brings a new perspective to Blogging and I am partially responsible for egging the feller on to start his own Blog and I'm proud to say I am glad I did.

Mad props to ya dude.

Peace, Bro.


  1. Ya gotta love PhysioProf ...Most certainly.

  2. That boy's just not right in the head . . *G*

    I left a thought, and a vid, there . . . I'll spare ya, here. *G*

  3. ROCK ANFD ROLL!!!1111111!!

  4. All I can say is...Hell, I can't think of what to say!!

    Like ya said...different!

  5. It was fascinating in a terrible kinda way.