Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got A Garden Yet?

I went out and worked in mine a little this evening, did some weeding and planted some seeds.Lots and lots of weeding to do yet but I actually enjoy it, in small doses.

Two different kinds of squash, peas,pole beans and some Basil.

I still have a lot of work to do making new raised beds and short time to do it.
There are several things that I want to put in yet but the dang weather has not been cooperating.

I just ran across a most excellent article on gardening basics by a lady I absolutely adore from afar, Jackie Clay.

She is affiliated with Backwoods Home Magazine and has her very own spot where she answers just about any question you can think of when it comes to gardening, canning or raising critters, she is one very independent lady. Go take a look at ASK JACKIE.

I swear on my mothers grave that if I ever get a chance to meet her, I won't even say hello, I will just run up and give her the biggest hug, ever.
What an awesome lady.

Here is the link to the article on starting a garden, it is very thorough and she tells you that it is not some back breaking chore. It takes time, sure, but not hours and hours of manual labor, like I said, I just love this lady.

Get yer hands dirty and start enjoying the fruits of yer labor, as they say.

I waited half a year to get into this spot just so I could put in a real garden and I have a long ways to go to where I want it to be, I bookmarked the link so I could use it for future reference.

There is no reason for anyone not to, at the very least, grow a dang tomato in their apartment.

Take my word for it, it will be the best tasting vegetable you have ever had.


  1. To be able to reap and eat of your own labor is by far one of the most enjoyable things round. The planting, weeding, caring for, and eating from your own gqarden is a true blessing.

    Good post, Busted...

  2. Having a garden is a way of life for me, just what I do. Not sure life would be complete without it. I think many more people are getting in the dirt these days with the collapse beating our doors down. Glad your getting yours in the ground brother. Keep it up.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  3. You are soooo lucky, Busted. Sounds like heaven.

    Enjoy your good fortune.

    You deserve it.


  4. Yep, my tomatoes and peppers have been in for almost a month now.

    Nothing better than a home grown tomatoe.

    Those red cardboard things at the supermarket suck...

  5. I love my garden. We are already enjoying squash, spinach, beans, radishes, and peppers. It makes my day when I go out and see what has been accomplished and what is yet to come! The weeds of course suck...but I'm thinking with the square foot gardening we are trying, this may become a nonissue. We will see soon enough! I am already seeing where this is bigger than I thought it would be. I think its gonna be a busy summer.

  6. Blah, blah, blah
    fuckity fuck fuck.
    Blah, blah, blah
    The sky is falling.
    Yada yada yada

    Yep, that oughta do it.

    Not poo-pooing your efforts nor your back to nature lifestyle, but it's simply not an option for enough and actually threatens those for whom this IS their way of life.
    Your feet are in both worlds. Your head needs to remain engaged as well. Going Galt?

    There are enough asshats working to fulfill some bizarre dark prophecy. They don't need your help recruiting.

  7. If the weatherman is right & it doesn't rain anymore we will be able to break ground Thursday when dh is off. Its been raining seems like every other day and things are taking forever to dry out.

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    We spent the last two weekends getting the garden planted, now that freezing weather in our little microclime is finally over! Now, if it will warm the soil enough to sprout everything!

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    "Take my word for it, it will be the best tasting vegetable you have ever had."

    Using heritage seeds, I presume? Everyone knows that vegetables have lost their flavor in the past 20 years. Hello, Monsanto.

  10. keep up solid on the weeds now. if you can keep on top of them through the end of june you're golden.

    july is when all hell breaks loose weed-wise.

    i still haven't got my lawn mower working. i never had one before last year and no one told me to pull the spark plug and run it out of gas before i put it away for the winter.

    anyone on teh east coast want to come and make it work for me?

  11. This will be our 5th year, in our apartment garden.

    A 2' x 12' small space. Now three feet deep in worm laden black soil, and another foot on top, as we added enriched soils and steer manure to it each year.

    We also have 40 basil plants, and pots galore front and back areas of our small apartment. Front faces west, back faces east, so no GREAT southerly face.

    But it's Sacto, CA, and it's 100F in May, and often, thruout the summer. Stuff don't NEED all day sun.

    Average of 6 maters in the bed, with zukes, beans, pepper plants. Maters include yellow pears, red pears, roma's, big boy's, striped germans, other heirlooms . . peppers are red and yellow bells.

    No beans this year.

    But we also have 6 7 gal. buckets with more maters, and about 35 basil plants in pots and long trays 5" deep. And we have greek and mexican oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, and two FAST growing rosemary plants in 7 gal buckets.

    My herbs are impt to me, and I make my own pesto all summer, and freeze enuff to get thru a few months of the winter . . . . that shit goes in salad dressings, pasta sauces, soups and more, so it don't last long.

    I've got chives, green onions, and garlic chives.

    We gave away 36 basil starters, 12 tomato starters to neighbors already this May. We started two others, and now two NEW other neighbors into growing their own shit, be it in the ground, in buckets, and one guy built raised beds 3 ft deep last year and was giving away softball sized 'maters to everyone all summer long . .

    Man what I'd do with all the lawn shit in our complex if they'd let me . . . we could grow veggies in a communal way to feed anyone in the 560 units with all the space we could take over if the managers would let us . . . but they won't.

    However, slowly, folks are growing a little bit at a time, each year . . . . and smiling about it. And they know they can do it in their NEXT place, in buckets, as they move for school, work, military or what ever reason . . . . so, I'd like to think, I've done just a SMALL piece of encouraging suburban subversiveness in the past few years.

    Wish I could post pics in here.

    I had to build shelving for the pots cuz they said we can't use the fence tops anymore last year for stuff. It's cuz it might add to the wear and tear on their fencing from watering, and such. Despite the shelving, I lost 30% great sun lit area for pots.


    Good enriched bags of soil, some steer manure, and water regularly with Miracle Gro . . . apartment living cave dwellers can eat good, too . . . *G*

    Hella thread Busted . . . . I will think about shoveling my three or four fav gardening linky's to yas in the future . . . . raised beds and french intensive are just the only way to go, even if ya have LOTS of room . . . and as Jackie says, mulching what ya got if it's bigger than an apartment patio, is the way to go . . . I had a big house and backyard in the 70's/80's where I gardened an 1/8th acre. Some of it lasted two years and was purple, red and yellow when it was harvested . . . . *G* But that was long ago . . .sigh.

    Now, it's maters and basil, baby. *G*

  12. Um, two sage, one green, one purple. Also one fennel bulb, and some arugula . . . I'd like to shoot for more greens, but, not sure how to do it . . . we DO cut our produce bill down HUGELY once harvesting. *G*

    Again, thanks for reminding me how bitchen this stuff is . . . I even started to take if for granted . . *SMILE*

    And yeah, anyone can do it . . . it's simple. And fish emulsion is kewl, if ya got it or the fish itself and the bones and such . . . GREAT fertilizer. Compost pile is impossible in our apt sitch, though . . . . hence, use steer manure or fish emulsion or both.

    Both work for plants/flowers, vegetables and fruits . . . *G*