Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The GOP Gets Their Ass Whupped By A Girl

Sorry, I am still laughing at these idiots.
This is my view of the GOP leadership in one short clip.

When that shrill bitch Michelle Malkin rolls over and assumes the position because the leadership of the GOP threw in the towel over the hard choice of fucking themselves in the ass dry, or manning up and fighting for their so called "Core Values' over the nomination of Sotomyer for the Supreme Court, I had to go get a dry towel.

Those weasel motherfuckers never saw a fair fight in their lives and when some fucking genius realized they had been check mated with her nomination, they collectively pissed all over themselves and ran away, leaving a frothing mad, mouth breathing base clueless as what to do.

Some idiot savant realized that they had been dry humping the Hispanics, a huge demographic lately, and actually realized the lady IS Hispanic.



Instead of these weasel fucks walking the talk, their true colors shine through like a fucking laser.

Lick my fucking balls you weasels.
I have not forgotten the fight over Alito and that prick Roberts.

The fact that the only talking point you idiots could come up with was calling her a racist sent me into paradoxyms of laughter.

Jaysus, how much farther below the Mason Dixon line are you dirty sonsabitches going to go before you realize that you are pissing into the wind?

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  1. Once again the Party of No has nothing.