Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dey Is Dis Guy, See....

If you do not wait to see what Driftglass has to say when he can get to the keyboard, you can't remember the feelings you had as a small varmint when yer birthday was coming up or the beauty of a long, slow, Blow Job.

The guy is a one man tornado with the vocabulary and nuance to go with it that would make both of these guys,Merriam AND Webster blush.

Shame on ya, get yer ass over there and see what the pinnacle of Blogging is.

Speaking of writers that I wait for every day, try to keep up with Jill @ Brilliant At Breakfast.
This lady should have been my creative writing teacher.

She works full time and has put up over seven thousand posts, in the wee hours of the morning, before she has to bail out and go to her Day Job.
Expand your horizons and go see Jill, she is a sweetheart with a grasp of current events that will make you wish you paid more attention to things besides American Idol.

Drifty put the concept of Bloggers versus the idiot mother fuckers who get paid to lie to us so succinctly, I had to stop and have a shot before I could try to put my thoughts into words.

Why the fuck do we have to put up with morons like Bill "The Bloody" Kristol and Bobo Brooks when this guy is languishing in obscurity? The Magic Dolphin Lady has to go back to bed with a case of the vapors when he gets done with her.

Drifty, get the book out and fer Chrissakes, put up a Donate button.

I want a first edition, signed copy of that book, dammit.

I don't know who the fuck you are dude but you put the piss in the vinegar.

Update, he is prolific too, he just put up post number 2,000!


  1. Yeah, what YOU said Busted, about Drifty.

    Ewe ain't so shabby, though . . . that LONG, SLOW BLOW JOB thang kinda shook me . . . . I gotta admit.

    I mean, what's a slow one?

    TOWEL, please . . *G*

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Thanks, Busted.

    Glad to hear the garden goes well.(previous post)

    While you would never consider yourself in the same writing league as Drifty, your writing is, and has been, both entertaining and of great comfort. Because your writing is different, that does not make it less valuable.

    This old, blue collar, dirty biker salutes your contribution to blogostan. Don't go changin.


  3. What Anonymous said. As far as I'm concerned, you, Drifty, and jurassicpork are the Holy Trinity of Curmudgeonly Blogging.

    Thanks for the nice words, though. Even if most people HATE their creative writing teachers. :-)

  4. Right you are OB! Drifty is THE critical thinker/political writer/photoshop/wizard in MY book! I can't help but think he/she must be employed as a writer in some fashion and does the blog late at night to go with his/her listening to old 33 1/3 records.

    YOU, on the other hand, have a very literate way of cutting to the chase without ANY extra fluff or pretty language. You are one of US, and I am proud to know ya.

    I would have guessed you went to a good school!

  5. I concur, he is good, veeeery good.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly, pal. Drifty's got it goin'. But only 2000 posts? We just passed 12,000 at the Brain. Heh ...

  7. Lisa G4:36 PM

    Put some straw on your garden - it keeps the weeds down and you won't have to water as often. I put my cut grass on it too.

  8. Lisa is ritht. You can even lay old carpet strips jute side up for the walkways.