Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Is Here.

Anyone who has been waiting for the economic indicator to tell the that bad things are happening had better pay the fuck attention.

I had two damn womens all over my ass tonight wanting money, after they tried to turn on the charm and I was still nasty assed dirty from work.

For anyone who is not paying attention, when chickies are loving up to me, things are very fucked up.I also had two of the Ex'es and a daughter hammering on me, all in one day.
Good thing I am as broke as the rest of 'em.

That would be a economic indicator if ya ever seen one and fuck Wall Street.

Things are getting more and more fucked up, quit listening to the news about how things are getting better, Oh Fuck No, layoffs happened today,the economy has not found a bottom yet and won't for us Plebians until next year at least.
Just so ya know, 99% of the citizens of this country are Plebians.
The other motherfuckers are still busy buying off Congress critters at half price because they are getting a killer deal due to the economic downturn.

As mouthy as I am, I ain't stupid and from what I see and hear, the economy is going to take a shit like a Christmas Goose.

I am already seeing people getting laid off and hours being cut off.

The sky is falling, get ya a fucking umbrella.

The West Coast is generally an indicator of how bad and how long an economic downturn is.

We are generally about six months to a year behind the East Coast when it comes to recessions and fashion trends
Maybe never, actually, when it comes to fashion.

I tend to enjoy my Blue jeans and Work boots.


  1. EVERYBODY wants money and a good time but they won't stop cutting throats long enough to acquire them.


  2. One good sign that things ain't getting better is that the Credit Card Co are still hammering everyone on their rates they get charged, and the banks ain't loaning out any money to the small businessmen. The economy isn't gonna straighten out til the fucking wealthy bankes start letting go of some of the money the taxpayers so "willingly gave" them.

    Motherfuckers! We saved their asses and they're letting all of us die!

  3. I've had women I haven't seen since high school getting in touch to "see what I'm doing". Oy!