Friday, November 07, 2008

Change I Can Believe In.


Different Party....

Different Thug.

Fuck Me Runnin'.

Here we go.


  1. No shit. I'm not sure what message he wanted to send with this choice, but it's not one that impresses me thus far. I was hoping for someone a bit more cerebral....

  2. My friend, let me give you some straight talk.

    If I had a junkyard, Rahm would be my first choice for guard dog.

    But..."He's another alleged product of the Chicago "Machine"." No he isn't. He's a pragmatist.

    Midnight Auto at the WH is gonna be run like a legit business. Any "special orders" will be processed as part of NORMAL business. Get in line. Your number is 54. We're currently processing number 6.
    Leave your beeper number and we'll let you know when to come back.

    The thing outsiders need to understand about Chicago Politics is that it woiks! The Big Dog gets what he wants. And if your pet project dovetails with the plan, it has a shot. Not a lock, just a shot. Function is job one. No need to be greedy. String a bunch of working models together and yes, you too can be a big player, but the key word is WORKING.

    Meet a need, provide a service, make a difference... and you can be part of the team. Otherwise, take your weak-ass, self-serving bullshit back to the blacktop.


  3. Emmanuel's a worthless hack. He took credit for the success of the 2006 elections as though his candidates hadn't all failed miserably, as they did. If it hadn't been for netroots-supported candidates and some upstarts, we might still be looking at a Republican majority in the House.

    Thank goodness they finally pried his hands off the DCCC coffers.

    He's also the only Congressman to ever win the coveted Hypocritical Wanker of the Day Award. For complaining that Iraqis weren't suffering enough. What a worthless fuck of a human being.

    The man doesn't make things work. He stands around work and takes credit for the results.

    And yet, I'm not surprised that he's failed upward into the White House. Something about him and Obama together just works for me. Neither one is remotely what he appears to be.