Saturday, November 15, 2008


Some asshole called the city and complained about the dumpster stinking because some OTHER asshole threw a bunch of fish guts in it to sit and rot for most of the week.
This prompted my landlord to have a fit and I came home about a week ago to a nastygram on my door with all kinds of rules and regulations and spleen venting, saying that the code enforcement dickheads were going to be all over the fucking place and now we are going to go all fucking Nazi on yer asses until this shit blows over.

One of these new rule enforcements included the decree that cats are HOUSE PETS!! DAMMIT!!, and they need to be kept indoors 24/7 and NO FUCKING CAT FOOD OUTSIDE!! and blah dee fucking blah.

Kiss my ass.

So , I had a cat litter box in the Rat Hole, but the little varmints never used it because if they had to do their business, they just went to the door and got my attention and I let 'em out.
I really liked that system.
Oh no, soo now I get to fight the little fuckers every morning to keep them from skeedaddling out the fucking door when I go to work.
I have a couple of useless neighbors who are apparently on the dole from the government who have decided they need to be the unofficial Home Owners Association, in a fucking trailer park, no less, and are constantly giving me a hard time about my lack of enthusiasm over things like mowing the ten square feet of grass in my back yard and generally keeping things ship shape.
I could really give a fuck. They got all day to fuck around and make the place cutesy, I work.
When I ain't working, I'm drinking. Fuck them.
But no, now they are watching for my cats being outside.
These same cocksuckers have two dogs, a fucking Pit Bull and some sort of terrier, Rat dog.
So they put up chain link fences and gates and holy fucking hell knows what to keep these little asshole dogs from running all over, like they used to.
So my cats are not the happy little campers they used to be, laying around in the sun, licking their asses all day, running amok whenever they felt like it.
This is also affecting my sunny outlook on life as I am now trapped in a tin can with two fucking cats that want to lay all over me constantly.

Of course, if you have been reading my stuff for any length of time and just happen to recall the name of this blog, you can pretty much see what my reaction to all this bullshit is going to be.....

Fuck that.

Out the fucking door you little bastards go, a big Fuck You to the neighbors and Shut Yer Fucking Pie Hole to boot.

I pretty much keep the furballs imprisoned while I am at work but the minute I get home it is GET THE FUCK OUT and have a nice day kitties.

One nice thing about this little crack down, I keep the food dish inside now and am just fucking amazed at how much cat food I am not going through anymore.
I must have been feeding half the fucking cats in this place.


My buddy just called me and said he would give me one of those new fangled digital camera thingies.

If I can get it to work with this antique fucking laptop I will see about maybe putting up mug shots of the varmints.
We'll see.


  1. I hate neighbors like this. Mine calls the guard shack and complains every time we play loud music, which mind you, is only on the weekend. Personally, I think living in an apartment means that you are going to put up with some amount of noise. Besides, I hear this guy jacking off to porn on his surround sound TV every fucking Saturday and I don't have to call and whine to the guards about it, he could at least give me some loud music on Sat. night.

  2. oh, busted, just saw this bit of bad news.

    not to be a downer on your impulse to let the kitties outside, but neighbors of the insane type can do really bad stuff. Like, poison the kittehs, or shoot at them with BB guns. I speak from sad personal experience.

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    What a stupid fuckin waste of fish guts. That's a perfectly good add on to the compost pile or direct into the dirt of the garden.

    Phuckin putz, stirred up shit when they coulda been stirring up compost.

    End of story.

    Yer neighbors?

    Take some obvious pics of their place, with yer new camera.

    Just make sure they see ya doing it.

    When they ask, just don't say much, other than 'It's just for the record, don't worry. I was asked to do it.'

    N then, cut them off cold and let their minds wander on the meth they're likely doin. *G*

  4. Another dream shattered! You just made it harder for me to convince the Ms. that we could be wildly happy in trailer-land.

    Prolly a good thing though. Here I'd been operating under the "Fawlty" thinking that in trailer parks you avoid the pretentious pricks and aestheticians. After all, how uppity can the neighbors be? They live in a fuckin' trailer too. Now I see the foolishness of my dream. Thank you?

    Geez, I guess I'll just stay here and fight the beasties from the blight brigade.

  5. Dude, you're not in the Rat Hole anymore? Where'd you go?

  6. Comrade PhysioProf, the Rat Hole is in the trailer park.

  7. Down here, 3 blocks from the beach in rural-land, we don't feed our critters outside because it encourages the bears, raccoons and others like that to come visit. I LIKE those guys well enough, but mostly if they keep to their own neighborhood.

  8. Hey Busted
    You need to pop over to Monkeyfisters. He's got a dog story that's not too nice. I think he could use some words of encouragement.

  9. Thanks for the heads up Demeur, He absolutely did the right thing, no question.