Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Age Hurt McCain More Than Race Hurt Obama"

I heard that three times tonight out of the mouth of Brian Williams.He went out of his way and repeated the question twice.
Two fucking hours and the race factor is out there on N fucking BC.
Fucking assholes.

You motherfuckers never give up, do ya?

Update, Tim Russell is still dead.

His fucking kid has already been anointed as the next upcoming Partisan MSM garbage transfer specialist who is guaranteed a fat Right wing welfare check because his father ain't here to see the price of his house go in the fucking toilet and his Dad was the face of the MSM right wing cheerleader squad.
When Tom Brokaw just got all teary eyed about Tim not being here and getting all nostalgic about some autographed mug he got from PunkinHead,and was going to go have a beer in and Brian Williams telling him to call a cab, I threw up in my mouth.

I am desperately hoping the media gets a double dose of Syrup of Ipecac.

Look it up and remember, I am an Ornery Bastard.


  1. Indeed you ARE an ornery bastid! RACE is a dead deal. Over. Kaput. FINISHED. Those spewing heads on the right wing teevee (and others) are having a REAL hard time getting used to the idea that it is a new day, and a new generation. We, Us, Our generation is out to pasture now. All we can do is HELP. We have already done a great job of fucking EVERYTHING up, so now it is time to step out of the way and give the Obamas of the day thier due.

  2. Fucking ornery rant!

  3. Fucking ornery rant!