Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Poor Bastards

I am back online at home.
The place where the ranting is free and hot off the fucking griddle.

Let's just start right in, shall we?

Senator Mitch McConnell (Repuke, KY) is a totally owned corporate fucking whore who has absolutely no ones interests besides his own and the corporations that bought his fucking ass a long damn time ago.

I know damn good and well there are some smart people in Kentucky, I have relatives there but it is readily apparent they are out numbered by people who have more dogs than teeth.
That fucking guy needs to be sent home, permanently.
Then we have that Mavericky guy who now claims he is not at all Mavericky, after being quoted so many fucking times I can't quote as saying he was, Mavericky.
John McCain is another dirty old codger that needs to be forcibly retired, hopefully to somewhere that has fire ants that thrive on lying fucking politicians. Then again, I could give a fuck where the old bastard ends up,actually, preferably, right fucking next door to me so I can make his remaining years a living hell and I can wave my dick at his idiot fucking daughter.

Ah yes, the best for last.
Joe "Short Ride" Benedict fucking Arnold, Lieberman.

Life would be so sweet if I could just have a few minutes alone with that cocksucker.

World class asshole
, that guy.
2012 can't get here soon enough, economic melt down or not,the end of the fucking world or not, that fucking asshole is gone.
He has burned all his bridges and there is no way in hell, absent blatant vote stealing, that he is going to retain his seat.

Good riddance ya fucking cunt.

Do me a huge favor and die a slow, very painful, death.