Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another One Of Those Days

No rest fer the wicked, I swear I was Ghengis Kahn in a previous life.

Mad crazy at work, worse than usual.
I got off and went straight to my favorite down time place fer a half hour and came home.
I am sitting here with a fresh cold one in my hand, yakking with the nose breaker neighbor, when there is a fairly urgent knock on the door.

I open the door and a little neighbor kid is standing there, very agitated, telling me I need to go help his Mom, she cut herself and needs to go to the hospital.

I tell him I'll be there shortly and go grab some bandages and shit and amble over there directly.
On the way, I see another neighbor lady panicking because they went to her first but she has Epilepsy and can't drive.
No one around here has a fucking drivers license, including the cut lady's husband, who was working overtime.

I went in and made her take the fucking Duct Tape off and told her she would live, but sure as shit, she was going to need stitches.

I loaded her and the kid up and drove fifteen miles to the Emergency room and believe this shit, they have Valet Parking!
Fuck no, I will park the sonofabitch myself, thank you, and I dropped her off.

When I get back, they say no visitors.
What. The. Fuck. Ever..

I sit my happy ass down next to the door and wait, and wait, and wait.

I finally got up after an hour and a half to go have a fucking smoke.
For those not familiar with Washington State's Smoking Law, you have to be at least twenty five feet from any door, window or fresh air intake to smoke in public, unless, you are walking past any one of the above.
So, I walked thirty feet away and lit up.

My bad, Private Property, and the dickhead tells me I am lucky that I can stand next to a fucking stop sign a block away.
Yeah Pal, yer lucky I give a rat fuck.
Call the fucking cops, Jesus.

After that bit of refreshment, I get the joy of paying a buck fifty for a shitty cup of coffee to soothe my frayed nerves while I wait.
In the mean time, I see twelve people go in and out of this joint, including one old lady who had two , developmentally challenged, children, who parked her old ass right in front of the sliding doors with a forty degree wind blowing through, right after I heard her tell the fucking idiot, twice, that she was cold and not to put her there.
I finally couldn't stand it and got up and asked the lady if she minded if I wheeled her out of the fucking wind. She was most grateful.
Two and a half hours after I got there, the kid comes out and says it will be ten more minutes.
I told him in hospital time, that was another fucking hour.

I got there at seven and left at ten. It is now Ten fucking thirty and I get to get up and go to work again.

Damn, I am a nice guy.