Friday, April 23, 2010

Even A Blind Mexican Finds The Border Every Once In Awhile

Ciudad Juarez might as well be in Iraq or Afghanistan. But it isn't. It's right across the border from El Paso, Texas. Nearly every fucking day there's a story about shootouts and killings. This isn't some place halfway around the world, this is on our border and the violence is already spilling over.

Our god-damned insane "war on drugs" is directly responsible. It ain't no different from the organized criminal violence that rocked this country when we passed the Volstead Act to enforce the Eighteenth Amendment.

If you don't know what that is then go look it up. And don't get off my lawn before ya mow it.

Prohibition doesn't fucking work, okay? It never has and it never will. Economics 101, people...the law of supply and demand. Attempts to legislate morality do nothing at all to decrease the demand. Haven't we learned that? All prohibition succeeds in doing is giving rise to criminal organizations that can profit from the demand and have no qualms about using violence to deliver the supply.

The Federal Government recently okayed the carrying of concealed weapons in National Parks. Ya know why? Because they're fucking swarming with Mexican drug gangs growing dope and packing is the best way to protect yourself if you go in. In other words, we're too stupid to deal with this so you're on your own.

Personally, I don't see the problem with smoking dope. It's your life and your body so what you do with it should be your business so long as it doesn't affect other people in any adverse way. Yeah, I know what the detractors say...this study and that study and blah, blah, blah. Marijuana is about as much of a "gateway" drug as a ham sandwich is to a bacon addiction. Bullshit. Legalizing marijuana would only decriminalize what huge numbers of people are doing anyway. Free up a few prison cells along the way for cocksuckers like Dick Cheney.

Jesus plain can this be? Grow it, package it like cigarettes, tax the shit out of it and you solve two problems. The deficit for one, the government will make a fucking mint. The demand will still be there but by increasing supply you'll drop the price overall. Which will cascade into the second benefit of making it no longer profitable for the cartels. When the 18th Amendment was finally repealed what happened? People didn't suddenly drink any more than they drank less when it was enforced. They drank the same all along, except for a minority who were too scared to disobey a stupid law. Keep the same laws concerning driving under the influence, etc. But seriously...why does anyone fucking care that you wanna get higher than 40 goats and do whatever it is you do in the privacy of your own home?

Listen, we have a third world country on our southern border that is in very serious danger of becoming a failed state along the lines of Somalia or Sudan or Afghanistan or the Frontier Provinces of Pakistan. Beyond our own dumbass drug laws, which deny reality and fuel the fire, we have two major problems when it comes to Mexico. First and foremost is the fact that we stole of lot of our country from them in the first place and you think they don't remember it? Second is a couple of hundred years of ridiculous foreign policy that has maintained the status quo of treating Mexico like Gods blind spot.

We are in very fucking clear and present danger of having an insurgent war exactly like the one we're fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border right in our own back yard. If it comes to that we won't have anyone to blame but ourselves.

Not that any of it will really make a difference, mind you. The way things are going cigarettes will soon be illegal so the cartels always have that to fall back on.