Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crazy Response Unit

From Al Jazeera: Crazy Response Unit

The police unit is known for its daring, and the men are often first on the scene after a Taliban attack.

Wow...that's pretty daring, right there. Being first on the scene AFTER an attack.

This unit, an elite force mentored by the New Zealand special forces, is easy to spot. All its men wear black uniforms. Their police cars are also painted black.

You gotta love that...since New Zealands rugby team is known as the All Blacks because they wear all black uniforms. Bet that's an inside joke among the New Zealanders.

When I visited, I noticed all the black police cars had been repainted. "CTP" has become CRU." I asked one of the officers what the new initials stood for. His English was not good. "Crazy Response Unit," he said. "The what?" I asked. "Craziest Response Unit," he seemed to say this time.

It was only when I asked a third time that I released what he was trying to say. The new unit is called the Crisis Response Unit.

I don't know...I'm thinkin' maybe the entire history of Afghanistan has been one long-running crisis after another? Those people are stuck in one of the geographic crossroads between cultures that just brings trouble their way whether they like it or not.

Bet if you sat down with an Afghan family in neutral circumstances they'd be very hospitable and friendly. Probably go out of their way to make you feel at long as the conversation stayed the fuck away from religion or politics.

People are just people until that shit gets involved.