Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

And you think I'm fucking crazy, you never met Jewelz.

Talking to one of my ex girl friends today, she got drunk and went to Taco Smell the other night and expressly told the dumb assed little bitch at the drive through to make sure she got every thing. Napkins, sauce, straws for the drinks, pretty much what ever you should get from a fucking Taco Smell at the drive through, but NO.
Didn't get the fucking straws.

Gotta love her, the crazy fucking bitch hangs a Louie and drives right back through the driveway the wrong damn way, uses the electric window switch with her girl friend sitting there looking at the dumbass and starts yelling at her for not putting any straws in the bag.
The passenger in this micro drama asks what is going to happen if someone comes around the drive through and she say's they can fucking back up.

Ya gotta love a chick like that.
I gave her a kiss and told her she was a good girl.

Hey, they mightta called the cops, if it was me they woulda but sometimes ya gotta make a fucking point.

Fuck that " We want to know how our service is, call us," bullshit.

Hey, stupid fuck, I just told ya what I want, and ya fucked it up anyway.

The dumbing down of America is complete because this is not an isolated incident but ya gotta love the ex going against the grain to make her point.

She is the female version of me and said so herself.
Therefore, I nominate her to Ornery Bastard, with oak leaf clusters.