Monday, April 19, 2010

I Hear People Crying

I spent a little time on the way home getting off the damn main highway tonight.

Yes, my cup holder was full .
I dived off at the point where those rich peoples live and started in with a bit of YaHoo.

I am talking million dollar houses and the farther down the road I went, there were abandoned houses that had been there for twenty fucking years, sitting on property worth a hundred fucking thousand dollars.
Old properties from the forties that are sitting there abandoned , down the same road from two million dollar mansions on the same damn road that have work crews slamming out two million dollar houses at the same time, I see dead houses that are right next to those same ones in the middle of being built and are abandoned.

What a fucked up mess.
One really old house has a garage and is plain fucking abandoned.I am thinking 1930's

No, this ain't it but you get the fucking idea.

There are some beautiful old houses on this road and some brand fucking new ones that are dead,the economy killed 'em. Some that have burnt down and ya damn well know there are some pirate fucking Real estate bastards waiting for the forclosure's to come through.
It makes me want to legalize those rocket launchers.

Hell, I just want a piece of dirt my Ex can't find me at. Shut the damn phone off and it's all Yee Haw and hey Beer dude.

If ya haven't quite got what this post is about, it's a two mile stretch of an old highway with a view that goes from two million dollar new houses, to abandoned property, in less than two miles. Have a nice day and look for gravel trucks and blonde bitches in new cars around ya. Sell high and run for yer life. Shit, I saw a place that an ex friend of mine had that has a fucking half foot of moss on the roof I went by, that was his parents and I know damn well he is going to want a half million for, and it has been empty for six fucking years. The farther down the road I got, it was total Suburbia and as I went by, I could almost hear the folks that lived there crying out loud, "How are we going to pay our mortgage, the light bill and WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO HAVE FOR DINNER?"

The fucking bastards in the wrong end of the economy are still trying to throw a dick into the stupid ones with too much money. Give up, ya fucking morons,they are out to fuck ya. Helpin' 'em, ain't helping you.