Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Back

What a weekend!
I got a few things done, had some very attractive help doing them too.
Got all my laundry and dishes caught up.
The place actually looks like a human lives there now, I am such a slob.
I received one of those fancy schmancy memory mattresses as a gift and got that put in. Slept like a baby, damn those things are the shit!
You should have seen what I was sleeping on before.
Trust me when I tell you you wouldn't let your dog sleep on it, it was trashed.
It was what came with the trailer.

I went to put a CD on my computer at home and couldn't figure out why the hell the mouse wasn't working.
The little red light was on but the cursor wouldn't move. After some investigation I finally figured it out when I looked at the front of the tower.
The little transformer thingy that plugs into the USB port somehow got broken in half.
Something else to add to the list for Friday...

I'd like to thank Sponge Bob Crack Whore for holding down the fort for me and thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I'll be back tomorrow, just as fucking ornery as ever.