Monday, February 01, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.

The only Goodness is that so far I survived one hell of a weekend, I think.

Jesus Christ Almighty, , I am still fucked up and I can barely walk, for a good reason.

I just called work and told them I ain't coming, just like I told them I was going to do on Friday.
Holy Moly, Whoo Hoo, THUD!!!

I'm going back to sleep. Getting old is harder than it used to be.
Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Is this the price for poisoning oneself? Hell to pay no? At least your parts aren't falling off yet or are they?

  2. karen marie9:43 AM

    Glad to hear you had a fun turning 50. Congratulations on surviving.

  3. Nasty Girl10:59 AM

    It was a hell of weekend baby. I've got bruises but it's all good, man was it good! You take care of yourself and let me know when you've seen something you like. Love ya babe. Your Nasty Girl

  4. Hangovers seem so much worse after we hit the big 5-0, don't ya think?

    Take care and feel better!

  5. Like my buddy Darko says after a bender, "I don't know whether to kill myself or turn myself in." Heh ...

  6. Ever wonce in uh while we's gotta get intoxificated! (Hiccup) that shee-ite is what life izz all abouts!!! Cheerz!