Monday, February 08, 2010

Bad Things Are Gonna Happen

Right after I walked in the door,my buddy told me the sewer line kept coming off the connection to the pipe going onto the ground and put it back three fucking times, then he tells me the Land Lady showed up and put Lime down to keep the stink down, I went around the side of the Weasel Den in the dark and found a hole full of sewer that went up past my ankle right where my fresh water comes out of the ground. Yeah baby, Over the top of my work boots and that is where my fresh water comes from.The fucking Manager chick knew about it and shined it on and so did the Park Manager, I got a boot full of someones turds, found a couple of fucking condoms laying around, that I don't use and had to take my fucking boots off, dump bleach in 'em and go buy some fucking new shoes.
Squish Squish, I am not a happy fucking camper, yet I am very polite to the people I am dealing with, it ain't their fault at Bi Mart.
Double fucking bonus round, I was out of propane and had to throw an empty bottle in the back of the fucking truck, drive down the road, talk to a very nice older lady who GAVE ME THE FUCKING KEYS and told me to find some little asshole so he could fill my measely little tank.
I finally found the little asshole, who was next door at the car wash, cleaning his fucking Toyota. I finally got his attention by walking around the parking lot, waving around a set of keys, he should have had.
I has Propane for heat and cooking.
Not quite, I still haz no heat or water, can't piss or take a dump, because
I would have to wade through a sewer break just to change the tank, which means no heat, no cooking and no hot water. Just for fun, imagine standing ankle deep in raw sewage while trying to light a pilot light, Can you say BOOM? One thing I lied about, I pretty much piss where ever I want to, the beauty of out door plumbing.

Oh yes, Two fucking phone calls later, if it ain't fixed by the time I get home tomorrow, there is going to be HELL to pay.

Just so ya know, This hit me out of the Blue and yes, I have water stored, which I used to rinse out my boots after I dumped a butt load of bleach into.
I have a propane stove with several bottles of propane to cook with and right fucking now, I have several layers of sleeping blankets , so I can lay here and be warm and bitch .It was one of those Oh Shit things. I can certainly take and survive one night, fer Chrissakes, it is just one of those reminders that shit can hit the fucking fan in more than one way, right when all ya want is a cold fucking beer.


  1. chinasyndrome6:47 AM

    Damn Bro that is a pretty Shitty story.Sorry man I couldn't resist.Even though preppin for the Big one is important,just goes to show everday things are very important too.Try not to let that Shit get you down.

  2. randy2:53 PM

    In each life a little shit must flow!

  3. Mayberry3:19 PM

    Damn, I'd be raising hell... No shit tank in the weasel den?

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................

  5. Demeur8:48 AM

    And it always happens when you come home from work right? Either that or on a Friday when you can't get a hold of anybody. I lost power once when I came home late one Friday after doing a dirty job. Great you get to sleep in your clothes with all the blankets you can find.
    Here's another bit of info I just learned. If it gets too cold (luckily we've had a warm winter) the sewer lines can freeze and you know what that means.

  6. Scared Stiff12:56 PM

    I agree with Suzanne....Fuck
    Things like that is why I shouldn't have a gun.