Monday, February 22, 2010

Have Some

Here ya thought I pussed out.

Kiss my ass.
I outlasted that fucking bastard Alexander Haig, I am still waiting for Kissinger and GHW Bush to kick off too.Actually, my money is on Babs the Impaler to drop dead first. She looks like she doesn't quite know she quit breathing last year.

Bonus, that treasonous fucking prick Cheney is resting comfortably in a hospital that not one of us will ever see the inside of after having chest pains.

Die Hard Bitch.Yer snuntch fucking daughter is going to find that defending you is a dead end job soon.
I am also waiting for Rumsfield to get some kind of fatal tumor, if nothing else, a damn good case of Prostate Cancer is in order.
Every fucking one of them should be behind bars and eating rehydrated scrambled eggs and moldy toast for breakfast until the last breath they take.

Dirty fucking class war sonsabitches forgot that everyone kicks the fucking bucket eventually and those who are still scratching shit with the chickens will tend to cheer the news of their deaths greatly. Thanks fer nothing ya fucking assholes.

See ya in Hell, where I can demonstrate the true meaning of Tea Bagging to ya, in person.