Monday, December 22, 2008

More Of The Same

We got whacked with another six inches of the evil white stuff last night.
I ended up driving around my small town in the four wheel drive trying to find some propane for the Heater From Hell.
I thought I had enough to get through the night but no.

I finally found an outfit that not only had propane but had more than just one person working so a guy came out and filled up my little jug.

I thanked him profusely and then went in to pay and their electronics were down. While the lady was trying to reboot the system, I dug deep and had enough cash, including a bunch of change, to just pay her and get the hell back home. It took 45 minutes just to get the ice off of the windshield to go on that little jaunt.

This morning, here we go again. Not as much ice, lots of snow.

Oh. and they never got around to plowing the highway. Fun Fun. 25-30 miles an hour but I got to work and boy howdy did I find a nightmare when I got here.
Feet of snow and inches of ice on all the Big Rigs.
My buddy drove fifty miles in that shit to get to work.

The first thing he did was pull his truck in and grab some tire chains that we have in a barrel for spares.
He wrapped one around his tire, measured it and cut off the excess. Did the other one and then it was my turn.

We both now have Heavy Duty chains on our four wheel drives which is a beautiful thing out there in refrigerator land.
It is supposed to let up a bit tomorrow and then start in again Wednesday.

This is already the worst winter storm in this area in Forty years, since 1968.

Funny, I remember that one, it was worse because that one was mainly a huge ice storm.
I also remember my dad had a Ford Four wheel drive just like mine but a year newer, it was brand new.
He tip toed that thing twenty miles to downtown Portland and grabbed the front loader from the asphalt plant he worked at and dumped a load of pea gravel in the bed so he could get around.

I also remember the time he took me to school on a snowmobile down a four lane street.

I come by my crazy naturally.

Stay warm and dry.


  1. Man, my feet get cold just reading about this! I'm afraid that if I lived in that type of cold climate, I would have to have me a fur lined set of boxers, cause I would be afraid that certain parts of my anatomy might disappear altogether, ya know?

    Try and stay warm, my friend...maybe a shot or two of antifreeze ?? For yourself, NOT the car!

  2. No doubt you get it all Busted. It's starting to pile up here too. Spring can't get here fast enough. I hate fucking winter but there are no other choices but to remain.

  3. To school on a snowmobile? Dad had HIS priorities straight. So what happened?[g]

    The lesson that day was; school uber important.

    Maybe next time you'll listen.

  4. Upon further review. Dad's priority may just have been to get lil' OB out of his hair. If that's the case, nevermind. Keep on keepin' on.

  5. Holy fucknoly! Hang tight, dude!