Monday, December 29, 2008

Bush Is On Vacation Again

Lucky me.

Open Thread.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

How the fuck do they do that?

"Open Thread"?

People have nothing better to do than rattle on with no apparent reason?

If I get more than two fucking comments to a post with no apparent subject,I am seriously going to rethink this Blogging shit.

Open thread, that shit just cracks me up, get a fucking life.


  1. OK, I'm in.
    That's one.

  2. Sorry, this post actually has a subject.

  3. What kills me are the open threads for which the process to actually post a comment takes PGP encryption, 3 references, email confirmation and a DNA sample. To be that concerned over concern trolls makes one what?

    Just to do a little advance whorin', my erstwhile bi-polar correspondent DEEP GREEN has been doing a bit of logging in his forest. I'll be putting up the recap of his latest foray tomorrow for New Year's eve.

    Uh-oh, you're up to THREE!!! Rethinking to commence!

  4. i have nothing to do and i have no life.

    this is the comment thread for me!

  5. Don't hold back dude, tell us how you really feel...... Ha! Now that's one.... two...... Ah fuck it, I lost count. Gotta take my socks off......

  6. Subject or not . . . uh . . . . DAMN, this open thread shit is complicated . . . . fucker, ya did this on purpose, didncha . . .

    I'm much better in a structured environment.

    I'm nommin ya for a WebLog Award in '09.

    Not sure what catagory.

    Scat O Logical, maybe. Why no cat posts lately?

    Chronic Fuckitis, that's a catagory.

    If there were something close to the ending scene of Sometimes A Great Notion, that would be where I'd nominate ya . . . . yeah, ya betcha! *G*

  7. Hey Larue, I always get a kick out you man.

    You mentioned "Sometimes A great Notion",
    That is a great flick and I wound up drinking in the same bar years after the fact that Paul Newman and the crew used to hang out in while filming that ,in Newport Oregon.
    I used to live there, a couple of times.

    I was in the process of growing up, right then and there, when they filmed that.I was a little over knee high to a chopping block at the time.