Monday, December 08, 2008

I Ain't Socially Acceptable

At least not in Po-lite company.

I am completely aware of this.

I am a complete West Coast librul and a crazy freaking bastard to go along with it.

A real Rebel Without A Clue.

The weird thing is, I was raised quite a bit by my Grandparents, on both sides and they were Conservatives to the end of their days, I still have one Granny left and she is 94.

My Mothers side all came from the South, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky,Arkansas, I are a Redneck and I will not apologize for being enamored of the Southern style.

It is a part of me, a big part.

I don't agree with their politics but there are a lot of other traits that I just love and miss.
I talked to some young lady on the phone briefly that was in Georgia.
When she told me to "Howed On", I about had a runaway.
I miss the food, the manners that were beaten into me and a great deal of the culture.

On the other hand, my Fathers side are also fairly conservative, except the immediate branches of his Mother AND Father..
Apparently I have a lot in common with that side of the family also.
I do believe I can point to both my Grandmother and My Grandfather especially for my being a wild little Irish Bastard, the Southern influence is just gravy.
HOO! The stories I have heard!
The rest of both of those clans were fine, upstanding citizens, My Granny and Grandfather were the perfect storm and I got lucky.

You have to realize, even my Grandmother only pissed off both sets of parents by marrying my crazy assed Grandfather, although in her defense, she has ALWAYS been a very conservative, God fearing women since the day I got to meet her. Dammit.

She is a saint.

Both second generation Irish, because of different religions, there was a lot of hard feelings.
Heh, heh, heh.
I saw a picture of my Granny when she was young and I must now congratulate my Grandfather for being so lucky that they lived in a little Podunk town in Nebraska back in the Thirties.

Anyway, just a little background.
I am a Progressive Liberal Democrat and I will be Damned if I apologize to ANYONE for that.

I am also the Black Sheep of my current generation, the rest of them are also fine, upstanding citizens.

I just got lucky.


  1. Good Thanksgiving, then?

  2. They actually like me, I was nice.

  3. Ah! A fellow Irishman! I be the offspring of sons of the Emerald Isle meself.... Tippin' a brown bottle to ya laddie! I'm also the "black sheep rebel without a clue".....

  4. Y'know, Knuckles, the more I learn about you, the more that you remind me of me.

    Got a visitor @ MOB from here today (going through my SiteMeter stats, fewer perverts than usual, amazingly enough), so I figured I'd drop in and say thanks. I know that I'm a shitty blog-neighbor, I never get around to visit anybody else's blogs anymore (you can thank my spine & the scumbags who call themselves my "parents" that I don't have the appropriate furniture for me to sit upright for any length of time), but I still appreciate you keeping me in yer blogroll.

    BTW, Irish, Scot, Welsh, Dutch, Cherokee, Iroquois, Choctaw, some "Redbone Indian," and, unfortunately, German. If I don't pay attention, I'll have a 3/4" forehead before I'm 40, if teh Dick's mother is any indication. Why do teh krauts grow such strange hair patterns?


  5. F*cking shanty riffraff hellion, just like me...Figures.