Friday, December 12, 2008

Lets Cut To the Chase Here

The economy is in the toilet, unemployment is at record levels and it is going to get worse.
These are facts.

I have been telling people they need to get ready for some extremely hard times, I hear,
"What happened to you? You are all gloom and doom anymore."

I have been hungry before, it isn't remotely funny.

I have been poor before and like a lot of people, I live paycheck to paycheck.

I am not stupid either.
I saw this financial disaster start clear back in November of last year and have have watched things go downhill at a rapid pace ever since.

Right now, it is so FUBAR that NO ONE can stop it from continuing.

We are going to have to ride this out.

Get off your lazy asses and start stocking some food in your house.

I live in a Travel Trailer, there ain't a whole lot of storage space but I can guarantee you I have enough grub to last me three months.

What's your excuse?

How many of you are going to go out and blow a big wad of money on useless shit for Christmas, How many?

Screw that, give gifts of things that will help your family get through the winter, turn into your Grandmother and give gifts like stocking caps, thermal underwear and the like. It is cheaper and covers the basic needs of your family at the same time.

Remember, your kid can't eat or wear a video game.

To help you get started on a three month stockpile of food, I HIGHLY recommend the following site.

Safely Gathered In.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You should add this to your suggestion list:
    "Buy more ammunition."

  2. Hey...I couldn't agree with you more, but can't seem to get the point across to anyone!

    This year everyone gets food and books from me...I know they can eat, and certainly hope they can read!!

    Good post...

  3. A good hunting knife. Useful on SO many levels.

  4. Your fellow blogger Monkeyfister has many great links to long term food (emergency and survival type) as well as a ton of good gardening tips. Time for that victory garden. Seeds might be in short supply so order early. His site: