Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here Is A Hint George

Try to get at least six blocks away from the Whitehouse before you try to "polish" your legacy.

I keep seeing your loyal minions flogging the notion that history will show you to be some kind of prescient all seeing wise man.

Besides causing beer to come flying out of my nose, I actually see a different side of this story,and I was actually here to see it.

I see you as a pretzel choking bike country wrecking moron reading childrens books while we are being attacked, with complete idiots for minions.

P.S., Put your minions in the front of the trailer.
First in, last out.


  1. Damn, that wreck took talent..... Beer through the nose, ouch! That burns!

  2. That picture is fuckin' PERFECT to describe the fuckin BOOSH CREW as they try to get out of town, but everything they touch turns to shit as it always HAS, no matter how much they try to polish it!


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