Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First, Get Ya Some Band Aids

This is something I used to really do well and now I have to relearn . Somehow I lost, "The Touch".
A sharp knife is a good knife, learn how to sharpen your own knives.

Get a couple of quality whetstones, they are cheap. Learn how to use them.
A dull knife makes an ugly scar and isn't useful except as something to take up space in the drawer.
You have some, I know you do. I do.

Here are some Youtubes that show you how to sharpen your own knives. Beware, this guy at the end has turned it into an art form but I am putting it up to show that all of it is technique.

The angle of the edge is very important!

Here is a good link for a text version,with illustrations. a real good primer.

There are literally thousands of methods and thousands of gimmickey little gizmo's.
Figure out how to do it as cheaply and quickly as you can,
A razor edge on a knife is not always a good thing, think of axes and chisels, sometimes you just want to cut something that is stubborn.



  1. Now that dude can put an edge on! Wish he'd come to my place for a few days, got plenty of blades that could use his talent. I love you tube, man they have vid's on everything. Well shit, now I'm gonna have to get my dull knives out and give 'em a run, thanks for the reminder. Good rainy weather project.

  2. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Any rough surface can sharpen any knife.

    Ya don't need a whet stone, and all that shit.

    Angle is what it's all about, indeed.

    I'd look into the diamond edge toys. Hand held, under $15 and last a long, long time. Fuck whet stones, they is dinosaurs. Google them diamond edge toys.

    Cleaning your sharpening surface, with degreaser, hot water, bleach or what ever is essential. You don't clean the surface, it won't present a rough surface to scratch yer blade. Simple.

    I know knives, I was in the biz 25+ years.

    Busted, yer last few posts have been spectacular.

    Good to see YOU got yer edge back. Yer subtly from knives to yer keen razor's edge of commentary is not lost on this Larue . . .*G*

    Stop hiding all that intellectualism behind yer junkyard dog exterior.


  3. You are correct sir,
    Dig around Youtube for the guy at the end of my post.
    He shows you how to sharpen a knife on a cinderblock and strops it on a piece of cardboard. Razor sharp.

    Thanks fer the nice words Larue.

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Great post! This Carter cat should be required reading (watching) for a whole bunch of folks. I've known a few who'd get damn hungry if they needed to use a knife as one step in the process of getting food for themselves.

  5. If we're ever stranded on a desert island, Knuckles, I get the feeling that you & I will be the last ones standing.

    I won't enjoy having to resort to cannibalism, but I have several friends who'll roast-up real tender, if absolutely necessary.

    Can't hunt for shit, but I can field-dress a whitetail or turkey or whatever and butcher it pretty damned well, so I have my purposes. Plus, I can cook better than most people I know, so that helps, too. Y'know, if I happen to have a big trunk of spices & accouterments with me on said desert island.

    Hey, when it's a global economic collapse, you prepare for all eventualities and possibilities, right?

  6. I completely SUCK with a wet stone.... Got me one of them there sharpenin' kits that sets the angle fer ya. Maybe I should get a stone or two anyways.....