Sunday, December 14, 2008


18 degrees, two inches of snow that immediately turned into ice.
Portland is shut down.
I finally got a chance to see if the four wheel drive worked on my old bomber, built in 1967.

Yes it does, nice to find out before I really needed it.

Going to work in the morning, the wind has been howling and the Rat Hole has been Rockin' and Rollin'.

I dug out the Propane Heater from Hell, in less than two minutes it will go from forty degrees to ninety in here.

I am going to have to shut it off while I am gone but the little space heaters should be enough to keep it from freezing in here.

Yee Haw, winter is here.


  1. Sometimes I'm glad I live in the South...deep south near the coast where we don't get that much cold weather. I don't do ice and snow well...

    Stay warm, man!

  2. Oh, yeah, it's great isn't? I bet the cats are just loving it. I know ours are pissed! We're suppose to work on the truck this week. I wish we'd gotten it done before this crap hit. I've had my fill of snow and ice over the last five years. We're heading to west Texas as soon as we can get it together. Let me know if you want to convoy.

  3. And I was freezin down here at 43 degrees! Sheesh, I couldn't handle that crap up there....