Monday, October 25, 2010

A Twelve Year Old Tells Me To Shut Up?


Two fucking days I have been warning this kid.
I had to work Nasty Girls kid over finally.
A smart mouthed twelve year old just got a lesson in respect.
Two days he has been running his mouth and I kept telling him it was coming.
Telling me to shut up and when his mother would tell him to do something, that petulant little NO would be his answer.
Bided my time until the little shit mouthed off once too often after I told him to do what his mother said and waited until he went in the kitchen where he couldn't escape after a killer spaghetti dinner. My baseball cap got a pretty good work out and the noogie was for dessert.

He is currently sulking in his room,doing what his mother told him to do, for once, without running his fucking mouth. For a twelve year old, this kid is pretty good sized. I only out weigh the little shit by twenty five pounds and his feet are bigger than mine. I wear a size ten boot, too.

A little respect goes a long ways, even if you have to instill a little fear in them to do it.
I suspect I won't have any more problems for a while and if I do, It's called escalation.
I can do that.

Surprise, surprise, we can have a conversation now.
Talking to him about school work and such.

The sulking is still under the surface but I ain't hearing any smart mouth.
I talk to him in an understanding tone of voice and we can discuss things with out smart mouth.

It's a work in progress. He doesn't really have a daddy in his life so I can understand where the little dude is coming from, I am interfering in his life but take my word for it, I am not a vicious , mean bastard, I  just am trying to teach the little guy some respect.

I can be patient.

He is actually a pretty good kid, he just needs some boundaries and I can certainly do that for the little guy.


  1. Between her and him sounds like you got yer hands full . . . . and you sound happy, too.


    Nice work with the kids, they are lucky to have ya . . . all of them.

  2. Firm and kind.Most kids need it.


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  4. Kids press boundaries. It's up to adults to set them.

    Just occurred to me, it's a lot like training up a puppy -except dogs learn faster.

  5. You wouldn't take the time if you didn't care, Ornery... We all do better with some structure in our lives. He will, too.

  6. @ Sixbears...

    "i'm not a vicious,mean bastard"...nah,just "ornery" lol...good on ya Brother,it's all in the "Respect"

  7. Hey, they gotta learn from someone! Better from a fella that knows what's coming, I think!

    Good job, buddy!

  8. Busted I raised 6 of them varmints and You Had better be in charge. I was taught by my Dad who never beat me but I sure learned respect. As they grow in maturity ya give them more and then see how they do before giving them more. And yeah just like a puppy, always be firm but loving. The kids need both to become the great Adults that ya get glimpses of once in a while as they grow up.. Good Luck Busted you WILL Need it!!

  9. That was his way of getting your attention... he got it..your both better for it...

  10. Yep. You're doing him a favor. All kids need to know that someone is in charge and setting the rules. Sometimes when you think, "He's asking for it." They really are.

  11. From a teacher, mother, and grandmother...mean one, They do need the boundaries. They will push until the adults establish the boundary. Then, the kids don't need to push to learn. They feel safe with boundaries. Keep up the good work. You may just save these kids from themselves.