Friday, October 15, 2010

Knock On Wood

Pray it doesn't rain for a day or two.

I went and got my pal Willy and dug out the ladder and some shit in a gallon pail that I thought was a roof sealer.
The label was gone and after I opened it it looked nasty enough.
 I cut down a coat hanger and bent it and stuck it in a cordless drill to stir it up.
A half hour later I called it good enough.
Nasty fucking shit, seriously nasty, it got all over the place.
Little Willy climbed up the ladder and his life long friend, Jesse was right there holding the ladder and handing him up little buckets of this seriously nasty shit for him to pour out and roll around with a six foot paint roller.
I ain't kidding, this shit wound up on any thing you touched.
These two clowns are kavetching back and forth the whole time.
Willy turns around and throws a rag full of this shit right at Jesse.
He moved, but the game was on.
They are bitching at each other like an old married couple.
I am just pouring more of the shit in the little bucket and telling them to get done and handing out a beer or two.

Did I mention that at one time I was their boss?

This turned into a fucking clusterfuck and I had to keep yelling at them to get the fucking thing done.

Willy wiped his hands on Jesse's brand new bright white T shirt and then the game was on.

All in all, it went as I suspected it would but it got done. The roof has been sealed, Thank God.
I just hope it doesn't rain for a couple of days.
Talk about nasty?
 That fucking shit got every where,  I went through six shop rags, a roll of paper towels and a brand new kitchen towel, plus a little gasoline.

All in all, I got off fucking cheap.
 Four beers, five shots of whiskey, five cigarettes and the afore mentioned disposables.

Not to mention the comedy of these two fuckers messing with each other.

Thank you Lord, it was a good day.

Crap. I got some of that shit on my boot and now I have to go back and clean up a bunch of foot prints.

Oh well, it was worth it.

Thanks guys, seriously.
It's good to have friends.


  1. babe, i sure wish i wudda been there to see it (and had my camera with me)

    weather doodette said no rain this weekend -- i think your timing was excellent!

  2. Heh, what my shop teacher called "playing clutch-butt". Usually got a socket thrown at you from across the shop, and a hearty "Stop playing clutch-butt and get back to work asshole!" Ah, the good ol' days. That sentence would probably land a teacher in jail today...

  3. Cheapest damn labor I ever saw. Tell them that there is a bottle of George Dickel here if they can fix my fridge

  4. Sounds like pretty good labor cost to me! When you throw in the entertainment factor...sounds like a bargain!

    Glad the roof is all better!

    For your cat's fleas and other insects. Plus, you can eat it too with no harm.