Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thank You Ninth Circuit Of Appeals

Remember here just a while back when they ruled it is perfectly OK for the cops to come in your driveway and plant a tracking device on your car without a warrant?

Remember how pissed off you were about that and then just went on with your life and forgot about it?
"It can't happen to me" you thought.

Well, so did this guy, I'll bet.
Now that I have linked to this ,
I guess I'll be crawling under my truck looking for such shit for the forseeable future.



  1. Well I wonder if SCOTUS would rule in our favor if we did it to them......AAAHHH not. Bummer

  2. Heh... I'd love for 'em to stick one of those on my truck. They'd be bored to tears watching me drive two miles to work and back every day. I'd let it go for a while, then box it up and ship it to Albania or some shit...

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    "...I'd let it go for a while, then box it up and ship it"
    Well, dear friend and alike, those fuckos, who implemented such ruling will make avsofuckinglutely sua that no one could disconnect the DEVICE without written consent or court release paper (weaver).Otherwize what is the point if everyone will find it and shorten it or torched it to ash? No fucking way my dearly beloved ones.

    And just for someone's info:

    So think carefully and realize how that shit is picking up pace.

    Josie, The RadioShack die-hard

  4. chkarrer2:48 PM

    Attach the device to car of some right-wing religious nutjob. If not found, they get lots of nice FBI / NSA attention. If found, we get an ally in restricting how easily these things can be used.