Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ear Worm

I wake up in the middle night with this fucker going through my head and it just won't fucking go away, day after day.

This one too.

Your welcome.


  1. Ya Metal Head, this one's fer yew.

  2. Thanks fer stopping by and fucking with me old man.
    I played it and Nasty Girl's eyes got real big and she started singing right along.
    I gotta admit, they can play real good.

  3. I like Seether. Swap yer ear worm out Busted, this one's been stuck in my head all day....

  4. Nice.
    Never heard of them. I'll have to check out more of their stuff.

  5. "The Friend Song" is awesome...

  6. Old Man?

    Yer killin me.

    Here's another one, ya kid.

    Fuckin kids, get off my porch.

    Gonna GO. MILES AWAY!

    Does yer old lady like THIS headbanging, from Fleetwood MAC?

    BEFORE she ever heard about them?


    Fuck Stevie Nicks.



  7. Ok, tried your song, but still can't get this one by furnaceface out of my head. Maybe it's just cause I love the old lady.