Friday, October 22, 2010


I have been worried about my fucking cat while on my little dalliances with the girl friend for months now.
I go out of my way to make sure one neighbor or another can take care of the little bitch while I am gone.

That just changed.

I am laying here  having a beer and smoking cigarettes while surfing the net, when I hear this fucking commotion coming out from under the cabinets in the bath room, which I can see without even getting up.

All of a sudden, a cabinet door comes flying open and here is the cat!
You gotta be shitting me, no sir, it's the fucking cat, plain as day.

Nice trick kitty.

If you can get in, you can get out.

I'll just make sure the cabinet door is propped open, there is plenty of cat food and water and hit the fucking trail.

I'll figure out her little  Houdini trick later, clever little bitch anyway.

There must be a pretty good sized hole under there some where if a fucking cat can get in. No wonder the god damned furnace is running all the time. I'm surprised I haven't woken up with a raccoon in bed with me yet!
Two birds with one stone and all that happy horse shit.

I am still waiting for it to rain again so I can see if the roof is actually sealed.

I am praying that it is, you should have seen the little motor home I lived in for a year. I had a giant bowl in bed with me and would roll over in the middle of the night and knock that fucker over when it was full.
I had a full contingent of containment vessels in that bastard.

Fucking bowls and pots and pans all over the damn place. It was loads of fun sleeping with that and then have to get up and go to work.
Shit, half the time I didn't need to take a shower, all I had to do was find a dry towel.
Not as simple as it sounds in that situation.
Ya wonder why I thank the good Lord for this little piece of mobile heaven.

When I get wet in bed now, it's either because I spilled a beer or Nasty Girl is in town and I spilled a beer in bed, chasing her around.

Both of which are far better scenarios than a leaky fucking roof.

Come here kitty, we need to talk.

 That didn't take long, I can hear the pitter patter of Rain drops as I type.

We shall see later today.
Twenty after four in the morning and I woke up at twenty to eight yesterday morning. Why the fuck am I awake?


  1. Nasty Girl7:23 AM

    I told you why you're awake. It's because you miss me. Smooch.

  2. The Beast leaked around the air conditioner when it was running and/or raining. Joy of joys, it ran through the ceiling to other places as well. An older RV with a leak free roof seems to be a bit of a rarity, in spite of the globs of goop they smear around things when they build 'em...

  3. ha -- she's a smart kitty -- knew the rain was coming and figured out how to get inside quick!

    fingers and toes crossed there are no leaks babe