Friday, October 15, 2010

Excuse Me While I Go Puke

Read every fucking word of this article and be aware that we are not only paying for this now, we will be paying for this for generations. The attempted cover up and the complete lack of humanity has me beyond disgusted and some one needs to have their asses handed to them on a fucking platter.

This is just fucked up and you want to know why?
Because we should be better than this.
Viet Nam all over again.
These people are going to come home to us.

God fucking help us.

Fuck you Neo Con assholes that sent our men and women into a no win situation. .


  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Fuck you Neo Con assholes that sent our men and women into a no win situation...

    Fuck you too.Always making it dems or reps.You are a fucktard.Are you just waking up to this shit asshole?

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    no he is not, and in this particular case yes we can blame the neocon assholes, without whom we would be at peace and with no deficit.
    mrs. jp

  3. Shoot the messenger, right, my justifiably and understandably anonymous friend? Yes, that's a tried-and-true tactic that's always worked well. Just cover up the problem and it'll go away.

    Except it never does. Truth always emerges. We've left a trail of bodies in our wake everywhere we've ever gone, rarely for good reason, if there's such a good thing as a reason. I know. I'm accountable for 11 of them.

    We barged into Vietnam to liberate the people in the South and wound up murdering them.

    We did the same thing in Iraq (twice) and wound up killing them.

    What made any of us think Afghanistan would be any different?

    You lower recruitment standards, you allow more psychopaths in and this is the inevitable result. If our country went full-tilt fascist as the GOP would love to do, we'd still be able to find at least 1,000,000 people ready and willing to do the next Hitler's bidding. Remember what the terrorists used to say? "We have madmen waiting." Same with us.

    After I got kicked out of the Seals and became an IBM on a ship welded to the pier in Norfolk, VA, I'd talk to the Marines guarding the gates and I'd ask them, "Why did you join the Marines?"

    One of them actually said, "So I can kill me some Iranians!"

    I'd just come back from doing that same thing (I got kicked out after a crisis of conscience), following in the footsteps of Alexander the Great when he went through the Zagros Mountains in the west. I just shook my head and walked away.

    Doesn't seem as if you, my anonymous friend, have any more insight or humanity than did that jar-headed moron back in Norfolk in '82.

  4. I was in the AF and Army from 68 to 80, spent 70 in Vietnam. Spend some time on where some of the commenters are indeed in the John Birch area.
    I said that in order to say this. Our volunteer Army-and the USMC to some extent-is(or has been for many years) moving to the extreme right. There are evangelicals on the bases exhorting the young soldiers to join in whatever evangelical cult they are pushing. The officer corp, from generals on down are more than critical of the civilian leadership.
    The out of control plt is a symptom of the lack of actual leadership of units in combat. I got out in 1980 because I was ordered to go to a unit in Germany that was out of control, had drug problems, robbery, beatings in the barracks. I had come from a IHAWK Battery in Korea that had many of the same type of problems(I had to carry a .45 24/7 while in Korea, it also helped that I was in tight with most villiage business owners-I speak Korean)-I was involved in an Art 32 hearing that had charged me with the death of a Korean-a traffic accident, the korean was driving one of our trucks- soldier(I was more than 50 miles away at the time and another SSGT was in charge of my plt).(I had gone to higher HQ about massive drug use on our little compound, all the officers were not only using but partying with the junior enlisted)
    What I see from South Texas-San Antonio, Military City USA-5 military bases(BRAC turned into 3)is that senior military officers are not staying quiet after they retire rather they are going full out wingnut.
    What we have done with our military is to make it less than 1% of our society. IOW, they are feeling that they are not connected to our country but only to each other.
    What busted sees is only the tip of the iceberg. Our civ. govt has, to appease the muslims, decreed that our soldiers can not blow off steam and stress by drinking. No beer, no booze. So what did they expect? Many of our young troops are going to go for the local drugs to try and relieve the stress.(also the female military persons in the war zones are having lots of problems with sexual harassment and rape. But we don't ever hear about that, do we?)
    Finally, we have gang members and skin heads in our combat arms MOS. They went in to get combat training that they plan to use within the US.
    Its very bad and its going to get a hell of a lot worse. Damn, I am glad I am old and will likely be dead before the US falls apart, and I believe that our country is headed that way because apathy=authoritarianism. People don't pay attention(not that you can get any actual news from our MSM)which gives the fanatic an opening to take over.-starting with local school boards-with damn near 1 million registered voters here in SA, only 2% bothered to vote in our last local election.
    Shit happens, then we die.

  5. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Goodness I wish We had kindly educated Folks in Our Army to Kill burn and bury those that Our pussy leaders wish dead.

  6. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Well, why make the same mistakes just once, when you can make them twice?

  7. Anonymous4:34 PM

    FYI: this "Anonymous" is a different "Anonymous" than the kill-happy right-wing brain-defective who posted earlier....

  8. Who ever ya are, ya just made me laugh out loud.