Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here It Is.

Harry Reid is a fucking pussy.

There, I said it, again.

Sharron Angle is a fucking whack job.

Take yer pick.

This is  a perfect example of what We, The People, are supposed to decide about who of these two fucking idiots is going to represent, We, The People, if we even decide to fucking vote.

Pick a state.

Whack jobs or fucking corporate pussies.

Rich mother fuckers trying to buy the vote, or rich mother fuckers trying to buy the vote.

Can you say Diebold?

The single most corrupt cock sucking way that  our, We, The Peoples, votes have  ever been cleverly stolen.

I saw somewhere today that some lady's vote was cast for a fucking Democrat before she even cast it.
I am not even going to bother to find the link.
BradBlog is all over this shit.

Why fucking bother?

Either fucking way, We, The People, lose.

Suck. My. Dick.

They are used to gargling corporate dick, why not mine?

Because I don't have a few million bucks to throw at these corporate whores?

Damn right. We are all too fucking aware of  this fact.

We all know that if I had millions or billions to throw at the   narcisstic fucking whore who was running for official office, I could out right buy that certain sonofabitch a nice, cushy seat, in what ever office I wanted to  see that certain cock sucker to sit in?

While soon after  they signed checks to some other grifter mother fucker that was on my pay roll worth even more billions?

Who the hell wouldn't drop a check worth what ever the fuck it takes?

Welcome to America.

Would you like to donate one dollar of your hard earned money to donate to the Presidential Election Fund?

Yeah, right.

There are more , certifiable, crazy mother fuckers running for public office in this election season than even I can point a stick at.

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest ,run amok.

At his point, I would vote for Nurse Ratchet.

Fuck 'em all, Democrat or Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, what have ya.
Once they are in office, the graft starts kicking in.
Us little peons are fucked from the get go.

I could give a rat's ass who the fuck get's voted in, it will be the same 'old same old.

We The People, are going to get bent over untill our asses bleed, again.

I, for one, am tired of being a bitch for these rich cock suckers.

I ain't dropping the soap in the shower again.

Have a nice day and don't bother telling me I can't bitch if I don't vote .

I am going to bitch untill they either shut me down or I fall down dead.

I have been voting since 1978 and this is what I get?

Go fuck yerself.

Better yet,

Go fuck each other, I am tired of this sick fucking three way.
I am tired of the jizz dripping out of my ass come  every other November.


  1. You got that right!


  2. Pussy, whackjob... None of the above! On a side note, the NRA can suck my sweaty nutsack: they endorsed Solomon Ortiz, the 27 year worthless fuck Dimocrap "representative" for what has to be the most gerrymandered district in the history of the USA. It runs from north of Corpus Christi all the way to Brownsville, covers most of six counties (and we're talking TEXAS counties, most of which are bigger than Rhode Island), something like a 300 mile stretch. Because he's been too busy bringing in the pork to fuck with our gun rights. But he's a commie through and through, voted for "healthcare", every welfare program ever conceived... And in 27 years, he's never authored a bill. The locals say he's "illiterate in two languges", and if ya ever heard the fucker talk it's not unlikely. He's refused to hold any town hall meetings, and would only debate healthcare if it was in Spanish (knowing full well most who oppose don't speak Spanish). So fuck that cockroach, and fuck the NRA, those self serving motherfuckers!!!

  3. Nice one and spot on..

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  5. Hi Busted Knuckles,

    "I ain't dropping the soap in the shower again."

    Eloquently put.