Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'll Get You, My Little Pretties

Fucking ants.
God Damn, they are pissing me off.
I bombed this joint after the old woman cat took the long hike , twice.
The mother fucking fleas went the way of the dinosaur but the fucking ants keep coming back.
No, this isn't some little, "Oh my, there is an ant", the fucking cocksuckers keep running up my arm in my bed.
Little tiny fuckers.
That is enough to make me go "nooklear".
Yes, I take my garbage out regularly, yes I do my fucking dishes too.
That is where they came from, the drain. I have been killing these little mother fuckers for six months now but they have managed to find a home somewhere that I haven't  found yet
Jesus fucking Christ, what does it take to kill these little fuckers?
Fuck! If a chemical fog bomb can kill a flea, what the fuck is it going to take to kill these little bastard ants?
Stay tuned because I am going to find out, one way or another, they just pissed me the fuck off.


  1. If you figure it out, let me know. Every spring and every fall, we gets ants in our kitchen. Gross.

  2. Have you tried Terro ant bait?

    (Captcha: Sickoe)

  3. Believe me, Terro is the only thing that worked after 6 years of gently and then not-so-gently trying to eradicate ants. It is cheap and at Lowe's.

  4. Here's another bit of un-asked for advice, cinnamon, sprinkle cinnamon where they are coming in, they don't like it and they will leave.


  5. Hi Busted,

    Those ant granules that the ants take back to their nest really do the trick. Pretty much any brand works.
    If you find the nest, gasoline works great.


  6. We have a crawl-space under our South Central KS home; we use a space heater in our bathroom/and that is where the ants first appear in the Spring.
    The little bastards come up through the overflow drain, they come up around the tub--the place is hardly airtight; the utility closet is right beside the bathroom, there are holes in the utility room wall (I know, I know, but: "It's not a purchase, it's a rental...." --T. Waits) where the water pipes go to and fro; which in this instance allowed me to toss a half-dozen ant traps, well, "Way down in the Hole" right under the bathroom.
    A week or so later another handful of poison was required; we have had no need of further spray or poison this summer/got the queen, hence the colony, I guess.
    It it's late in the season for this remedy ... catch 'em at next season's beginning.

  7. We have ants here at Casa de Crazy. Not the tiny little specks that occasionally crawl out of the electrical outlet on the wall near the sink, the ones only searching for water when it's dry. Nope. These things are huge. They sit on the counter drinking coffee and smoking hand-rolleds, frighten the cats and chase the Evil Genius down the hall. Arrogant bastards.

    A well placed foot seems to be the only solution, at the moment.


    I hope you have better luck.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  8. coffee grounds where they are coming in. been doing that for ants since i was in the cottage and a friend told me about coffee grounds to prevent ants from coming in and it works

  9. Margot5:41 PM

    I've been using peppermint soap, cut up and put everywhere I see ants. Seems to work and very cheap.

  10. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Sprinkle borax where they come from. They don't like it at all.

  11. We got fuckin Fire Ants. Every damn thing we do seems to work, but the little bastards keep on coming back. Had a couple of small colonies of sugar ants, once main group found easy to get rid of.
    Worst damn pest in the entire damn world. Fuckin chipmunks. A few years back I live trapped 23 of the little rats in my freekin living room.-chewed a hole into the bag of dog food- Used that as bait, worked great. Nasty, they get rabies. But 23, in my house! Unreal.