Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reverting To My Natural Cycle

God, I hate mornings.
I have been kicking my own ass for thirty fucking years because of a god damn job.
Since I have been out of one, I find myself awake at all hours of the night and not waking up until after noon.
I fucking love it.


  1. I envy that and hope I can have the same feeling soon.

    The thrill of going to work for 40+ years is totally gone.

  2. My schedule is only off by an hour or so, but it makes a hell of a difference in how I feel in the morning. Then the fuckers throw a 4 AM shift at me and really fuck up my sleep...

  3. When I retired, I had to find a new rythm in mmy day! Took me about one day to find it...and it's been great ever since!

  4. First find your natural sleep rhythm and then find a job with shift work that you can schedule around it and besides having more restful sleep, your waking hours will be more productive and rewarding!

  5. When I was working, ah it seems so long ago, one of my rules of engagement was no alarm clock. I wake up at daybreak and go from there. Earlier in the summer, later in the winter. If clients couldn't deal with that, move on. Now that I'm in forced early retirement (and not at all unhappy) I find I get up earlier than I did when working. Best time to walk the dog is 5 AM as you miss the bulk of the jackasses.

  6. I find I can't sleep anymore at night.
    Which makes for a long day.lol
    Actually most bloggers do their writing in the wee hours. At least the ones I know.

  7. Hey Bro,you all making me kinda jealous but I gotta work for a while longer.Glad to hear you will be kickin it on the webz with us after all!


  8. I bailed a year ago in April, and I have never regretted it for one second. My wife is two months older than me, and she ripped on me the whole time!

  9. I was medically retired from the Post Office with 9 herniated discs in my back back and a torn right rotator cuff in 1998. 12 years in the Army, combat Arms, 11B MOS, then medicaled out with bad ankles and knees in 1980.Got a 30% disability.Which finally got thru appeal in 2002 with an increase to 70%, then a few months later to 100% Going on 12 years now and as the saying goes, there ain't enough hours in the day.
    I also know about pain. Esp back pain which can be really bad.
    I think that the greatest thing in the world is to wake up and have my body totally free of pain. Happend once, the day after major surgery, such a massive good feeling. Keep hoping that I will get that again. Meanwhile I gulp really strong pain pills every 6 hours. Oh well, Lifes a bitch, then you die.