Monday, August 30, 2010

A Necessary Evil

Ok, forgive me for my drama queen post the other day.
I have been thinking it over and have come to the conclusion that internet access is kind of necessary for me.
I still have to go argue with the people at Verizon for extending my contract for another year without telling me and weigh all of my options but I will find a way to stay connected.

I would like to publicly thank one certain reader for their more than generous Pay Pal donation of fifty bucks, you know who you are and I would never divulge anyones name or Email address.
Thank you, that was over the top and I deeply appreciate it.
If anyone else would like to kick in  a few shekels, the donate button is on the left.
Any and all would be forever appreciated. I ain't begging, it's just a suggestion.

I got a one day paycheck in the mail yesterday along with a refund of the extra insurance I had been buying and that will be enough to pay the ruthless fuckers for my internet access to make it current. I just got done phoning in my first unenjoyment claim in over twenty five years so that should be coming at the end of the week. I have enough to pay the rent today and still have enough to last until then.

It's going to get real tight around here, one weeks unemployment will pay the space rent here and leave me about twenty bucks.  Nasty Girl is a budget miracle worker and we will go over my finances this weekend while I am there and see what will work.

Until then, I guess I am a little harder to get rid of than I thought.

Thanks fer stopping by, and thanks for all the well wishes I got from so many of you.
It humbles me.



  1. Nasty Girl2:02 PM

    And you call me a drama queen? Bite me. The internet and this blog are your livelihood and you can't lose it. We will figure out a way for you to keep it. Love you. Smooch.

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    yay! you're staying! good luck and i am so glad i will get to keep reading you.
    mrs. jp

  3. You Pecker head! Here I am trying to figure out how to help your lazy ass.

    Honestly, Sad but true, some of the best people ever, I've met on the innerwebs. Unfortunately your not one of them. LOL I kid the unemployed.

    I do have an idea for you, maybe you can upgrade your account for your cell phone. Have one with a WIFI built into it. Then the web would be free.

  4. Bummer. Didn't know you was unworking. Hope it is for a short spell.

  5. It made me so sad to see you go. I guess I liked all your foul cussing since I would never do that myself.Is there any such thing as cussing vicariously? Hmph! Well, I think I was doing it. Stick around so I can laugh at your humor and revel in your language that I would never let slip from my lips. Surely, you can figure out some way to stay for a long time. I reaallly need you.

    Practice a little parsimony to stay with us.

    If I can ever get my blog fixed, you will be on my list of blogs! (blog is broken, if that is possible)

  6. i'm with nasty girl -- you need to keep your blog going dood. fingers and toes crossed she helps ya figure out a cheaper way of being connected.

  7. greatestwirefan4:42 AM

    Thrilled that you're staying!

  8. Anonymous9:06 AM

    When first came upon your blog a few weeks ago, I went back to the start and read it all, and liked most of what I read.
    With word of your being unable to continue, felt I was being stripped of yet another on a long list of small pleasure's, for lack of filthy lucre demanded by the great un-nameable.
    Glad to see it ain't so,
    John in SoFlo.

  9. This is interesting. You're in danger of losing your internet access yet you want to keep blogging. I'm getting my own internet installed at the same exact time I QUIT blogging.

    God, it feels great, not having to rack my brains thinking of what fresh content to post the next day so it can ignored by 99.99999% of the internet. Yep, ole JP had finally gone over the hill for good and I don't miss it one cocksucking minute.