Monday, August 02, 2010

I Promise I Won't Come In Your Mouth, Fuck Yer Little Sister Or Rape Your Cat

So say's the lying cocksucker in charge of the Giant Face Eating Vampire Squid, Goldman Sachs.

Why is it I don't believe this lying, thieving sonofabitch?

Maybe it's because I have seen too many times how easy it is for these assholes to spread money around to subsidiaries that no one knows are connected to the main Vampire Squid Entity?
It might not say Goldman Sachs in bright neon letters but you can bet your ass they are going to spend a ton of money some way, trying to influence the upcoming election.

Don't believe me? Let me show you.

"“Goldman Sachs also does not spend corporate funds directly on electioneering communications,” the firm said in its statement."

How hard was that to parse?
Ya got a fourth grade edumacation there Sparky?

Wait, these days, add three, divide by two, carry the one, you get my drift.

Hey, his little butt budddies in the Retarded party could use a little help, so he can fuck us over again.
Make no mistake, this guy is a politician, if his lips are moving, he is lying.

By the way, let me give  a real, special, one fingered salute to those corporate whores on the Supreme Court for making me even have to think about this.
Fucking assholes.

Companies are people too. Remember that, they said so, with a straight face.
Kiss my fucking ass.


  1. God, I love reading your posts. You are better than I am at jerking their collective chain dear man. ;)

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Seems you have increased your use of Colorful words of late. Kinda limits what I can pass on to my friends and relatives...

    Oh well

  3. "Target, for instance, recently donated $150,000 to a group that is running ads in support of a Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota who opposes gay marriage. Employees and gay rights advocates have criticized the donation."

    Shit, now I can't shop at Target or WalMart. And BigLots uses Chinese prison labor. Crap. I hope I don't read anything about the 99 cents store or my house and body may never get clean, lol (only kidding, most grocery stores have unionized labor around here).

    The Supreme Court? Ya mean the supreme corporate ass-kissers that Bunnypants appointed?

  4. Wow....this is great.