Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twenty Billion Is Chump Change For BP

So, BP has agreed to put twenty Billion dollars in an escrow account to pay for the damage their fucking broken well that is still spewing oil like jizz outta a drunk sailor after six months at sea is still spewing.
How fucking generous.
Oh, they felt so bad they have broken the news to their stock holders, that they might have to wait three whole quarters before they can dispense with a barge load of money again.
Fucking cocksuckers.
Then we have the big gun telling us how bad he feels for the small people in the gulf.

Excuse the fuck out of me?
Just how many midgets live there?
Hey, any vertically challenged people that live in the gulf should get their money first, plus a goddamned life jacket and a bottle of degreaser

What a fucking asshole, small people.

Hey, dickhead, I am one of those small people and you had best not get within kicking distance with that fucking attitude, you just might wind up a bit lighter than you were before I got my fucking hands on ya, you arrogant fucking bastard.
Small people, what a fucking privileged fucking cunt.
20 billion dollars is a drop in the ocean you just killed.
I am beside myself with the arrogance this motherfucker has.
It's bad enough the President of the United States as a sack the size of a pygmy goat, get yer fucking head out of your ass Obama.
20 billion dollars is a slap in the face.
They made 35 billion dollars, PROFIT, just last year,that means they probably went through ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in operating expense. On top of that they are gettin massive tax breaks and are being subsidized to the tune of millions of dollars a year by us, the US taxpayer.

Oh, fuck no, 20 billion is chump change to these cocksuckers.

Don't even try to cry poor to me ya sonofabitch and talking down to the US public is sure to have consequences, remember that at your next champaigne party, mother fucker.

The more info that comes out about the rate of flow, whether or not the sea floor is broken and there are multiple leaks that we are not hearing about, that are being covered up about, the worse it is going to be for you.

My advice to you, asshole, is to follow the lead of that murderous fucking bastard who owns Blackwater and get the fuck somewhere they don't have extradition treaties with us so you can hide the fuck out while this nightmare goes on for the next sixty fucking years.

The disaster your company has caused will be there long after both of us are dead, you have poisoned future generations to save a few bucks, someone have mercy on your worthless ass, I won't.


  1. You know if they didn't even fight over the 20 billion they have a lot more. As you said, it's not the finale money transaction. No, much more will change hands.
    You touched on another Point, that Prince of a guy who owned Blackwater must know the jig is up for him and his merry men. Interesting development.

  2. Hi Busted, good to read you. I've been out for a while but checking in.

    I think this could shape up as a referendum of the war on the middle class AND multi-national corporations socialising losses as they privitize profits even as government subsidies and tax breaks inflate profits even more.

    As horrible as this disaster, this gushing black mess, this killer of the Gulf and beyond is; I see an opportunity, not unlike the disaster capitalism outlined by Naomi Kline that neocons use to forward their agenda, to shine a light on corporate malfeasance with the complicity of the government over the last 30 years of deregulation.

    But, there seems to be a problem - the corporate owned MSM and the millionaire broadcasters are not reporting on the facts of how this accident was allowed to happen, but on how the president needs to show some emotion. Shiny object on the right distracts a short-minded public, dumbed down by 'winger media.

    Michelle Fucking Bachman says the escrow account is "Income Redistribution". What a stupid cunt. They only like income redistribution when it flows upwards through bailouts, subsidies and tax credits.

    They bought the MSM and already own winger media so, what can we do?

    I tried to find a liberal militia group... there is no such thing. I know EBM can shoot the eye out of a fucking squirrel at 50 yds. with her freaking handgun. I can put a 5shot clip into a 2 inch group at 200 yds. with my .270, and I am not bad with the 9mm or .45 handguns myself. There are many of us out there with just as much weapons experience and exponentially more brains than any 'winger militia out there. Of course, if I wanted to start a liberal militia I wouldn't broadcast it on the internet - but, I can't help but think a few well placed 1000 yd. 50 cal. sniper shots with corporate heads exploding would be more motiviational than all the Senate hearings in the world.

    They shot MLK because of his skin color and advocacy for civil rights, they shot RFK for his stand against organized crime (corporations) and civil rights. What are we going to do when our very lives are threatened by the unholy government-corporation alliance otherwise known as Fascism?

    I believe there will come a point where the MSM will jump the shark trying to cover for these guys and even the stupidest dittohead may stop for a second and maybe question the propaganda..... nah.

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Those fuckos are untouchable already. Look around. When did u see them in public? They are living in very specific and monitored places, they all have bodyguards, they are not shopping in places we do, they are golfing in "secluded" Sierra clubs or overseas. They pretty much living in another world. Thats why they don't give a shit.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Here a few good educational links:

    This is how we all been fucked, historically speaking.

  5. Dude, you need to stop by more often.

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  7. Thanks, buddy - good to see you too. Hope all is well.

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    "Bustednuckles", I do, almost over every post. (if u're talking to me)

    "They shot MLK....and civil rights."

    "They" shot JFK for giving-up Cuba, the jump-ground for delivery drugs from Columbia and for loosing convenient paradise-like whore-house, ruled by mobs and their "friend" Batista.
    Right after Castro pop-up and Cuban revolution "they" begin to work on VietNam to snatch the "Opium Triangle" under control over in IndoChina peninsula. Then all these Central America "revolution" and as a final spin - constant Mexican fight over "drugs". I assuming the Mexican Feds are fighting some folks, who would like to stop using Mexico as a transit corridor for delivery of drugs to US. Plus, there is Afghan - European market and whatever left goes to the rest of the World. Bc "Opium Triangle" was snatched away from the elite back in 80's.
    MLK was "killed" to organize and ignite "black" movement/protests for future generations. And ultimately to play "racial" card every time "they" needs to. Just to create a force to collide with white Americans and keep us busy "barking" on blacks for numerous reasons. Btw, dig the Net and compare black criminality BEFORE MLK and today.

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    if you think they're untouchable now, wait until they are all at sea on their supersized (think ocean liner) yachts. their own security, no way to get at them.
    maybe underwater. apparently that is the plan.

    "mrs" jp

  10. I'm with the Louisiana shrimper who said "I'm gonna hunt that son-of-a-bitch down like a 'coon"....

  11. By the way, THANK YOU for ditching that fucking IRRITATING comment system!!!

  12. Anonymous4:35 PM

    "Anonymous Anonymous said...

    if you think they're untouchable now, wait until they are all at sea on their supersized (think ocean liner) yachts. their own security, no way to get at them.
    maybe underwater. apparently that is the plan. "

    I think fucko's of that size had some kind of "auto responder" in constant proximity and SAT tracking. As soon as their guards detect something a bit more serious then shrimp boat - I bet Mossad (or something domestic, like former Blackwater)) will fly some "SCUBA-HALO" special force units right down to these ocean cruise liners to save their servants.

    Consider situation on how to get undetected into Bahama's. Even underwater. Those fucks are very well protected.