Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Second Extincion Event In The Gulf

That was the first one, sixty five meeeelion years ago, according to the experts, when a giant meteor came blazing through the atmosphere and pretty much atomized everything between Minnesota and Belize.
That's how we have a Gulf of Mexico.
Pretty much killed everything for a thousand miles instantly and then fucked up that climate thing for another thousand years or so.
Lucky us, there were not any fucking Republicans to deny it at the time.
Now we have another global kill event going on in the gulf.
Unfortunately, some asshole invented Republicans while we were still trying to figure out how to use the opposable thumb thingies.
Putting those thumbs to the neck of our current crop of asshole Republican representatives could result in some serious hilarity and the culling of some rotten cocksuckers at the same time.
Their policy of "no", just threw another few million American workers into abject poverty.

Because these corporate fucking whores do not seem to understand what comes next, let me explain this to ya.
The fucking Republicans block unemployment benefit extentions because they think they are going to win votes this coming November campaining that the Democrats have fucked up the economy

Just for shits and grins, let's forget about the entire Bush administration, OK?

Back to the iron clad Republican strategy of just saying no to anything, trying their damndest to kill off a Democratic majority, Tell me why in the fuck would any sane person vote for a fucking Republican?

This Depression can be laid right at their feet and they could give a rat fuck whether or not your children eat tomorrow morning, or ever again.

They are enemies of the state and are actively trying to kill the economy of this country for political gain at your expense.

Vote Republican so we can start the fuck over, after we have a serious chat.

When this oil gusher stops is any one's guess but I damn well know how to blame for this extinction event and that would be those same Republican cunt's who screamed for DeRegulation for thirty fucking years and said that private business could police it's self.

All I have to say to you cunt lick motherfuckers is to get your asses down to the gulf, bring yerself a "Freedom Bucket" and start scraping up all that free market crude oil you can carry. Sorry, no respirators or protective gear allowed,you will have to go head to head with the fucking real people who are trying to get their lives back and have not run out of Unemployment yet or got a fucking check from BP.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is a fucking Dead Zone and now, just like I said it would, there is going to be Hurricanes dumping hydrocarbons clear into Ohio.

There are already bullshit conspiracy theories going around about the entire Gulf region having to be evacuated.

My take? It's too fucking late now, there is going to be several extinctions happen simultaneously.
I am not just talking about the Wildlife, a whole lot of humans are going to find themselves extinct soon.
I didn't even mention the Methane .


  1. Your right, there's no running from it. It's affect the whole globe.
    The lucky ones will be extinguished from the Methane explosion. In my opinion, that would be around 2/3 of the USA. The hole in the ground would be miles deep. A tsunami of epic size, Maybe a mile high would then kind of wash the earth clean, of us that is. Of course without the sunlight and black rain falling because of the oil soaked atmosphere, lands would be poisoned.
    A grime picture I'm painting for sure, Now think about this, Republicans want to sue the Government for a Moratorium on new drilling. Petty, greedy,greasy scum bags, who still don't want any Government oversights or safety standards. Not that it matters now cause were all fucked. So the next asshole that talks about drill baby drill, you should personally extend your hand of thanks, a congratulations to their power. They were able to extinguish the Earth from any life. Maybe forever.
    Fuck nukes, they have greed.

  2. Anonymous3:21 AM

    The republiscum/democrap thingy is getting old. Both parties suck big donkey dicks. Get over Bush. Obama didn't throw Bush and the other assorted assholes in jail,did he? He let them off the hook and is expanding the wars. Obama is an asshole too,just like all politicians.

    The Gulf of Mexico is dead. We are all fucked and have only ourselves to blame.

  3. So what do we do about it? I hear you whiny fuckers talking about how fucked we are, well, what are you willing to do about it?

    Is anyone calling their congress-asshole? Does anyone have sniper experience?

    Busted is right when he wants those assholes responsible for this mess, republicans, lobbyists and DINO oil whores, to get down on their knees, clean up their mess, part with their dollars for reparations and ask, no beg for forgiveness - with my Sig .40 aimed at the back of their pointed heads.

    If we are all fucked - what have you got to lose? Get off your ass.

    I'm done turning the other cheek. The deeds do not have to be done, the guns need not be fired but the reality that we are just as armed and just as ready to meet them in the street as the baggers who write the signs that they are just "reloading" needs to become a reality. I want them to know that I can outcrazy them any day of the week. I prefer not to but business as usual is not cutting it with me and I'll be up in the grill of anyone who threatens me or my way of life.

    In this "Warrior/Endless War Culture", nutured to life by Military Industrial Complex profits - the weak are eaten and the strong, no matter how stupid, are respected.

    The strong/aggressive liberal is a mind/sea-change that I feel needs attention and continued exploration. We've tried just about everything else.

    Keep up the good fight, Busted.

    How many dollars left until the revolution?

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM


    Hi,it's me Anonymous 3:21 AM. I think "fucked" speaks for itself, we can't do a damn thing. Get off my ass? Then what? Do you have a plan?

  5. Yep, those Republicans sure took that BP money, didn't they? Oops, that was Obama! Well, they let BP break the rules! Nope, Obama's crew did that. Were they the ones stopping folks from protecting the shore with sandbars and barges? Well, no, that was the Obama crew wanting the environmental impact report on where the sand was being taken from and having the right type and number of life vests.
    Dang, the Bush plan of taking oil from other countries is looking better and better, compared to the Obama plan of destroying the Gulf.
    When Katrina hit the Gulf area, Bush was crucified in the press for not doing enough, but he sure was doing more than Obama has been. Well, unless you're talking about golf and vacations, then Obama has him beat.

  6. Tweell,
    just to be a dick, because I can, let me point out that Bush took more vacation than any other President in the history of this country, plus, he is a war criminal.

    I do get your point though, I am extremely unhappy with the way Obama has handled this crisis too.

    That would be a whole different post though.

    Thanks fer stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, I do read every one of them.

  7. I have a lttle buyer's remorse with Obama myself. That's why I am SO FUCKING PISSED.

    Okay... better now.

    I realize governing a corporate state involves stepping on lots of little people. I really don't think BO realized the depth of the corporate infection of DC.

    Well... that's what I tell myself to rationalize my vote and faith.

    When that doesn't work...

    Let me say this - If liberals wanted to start a miltia. The war would be over in less than ten shots. We are just that good.

    You think you're ornery... :-)

  8. Nasty Girl2:54 PM

    I agree with tweell. Well said.

  9. Whatever Tweell, not even Obama could put the machinery in motion fast enough to undo the fucking this nation got from the Bush/Chimpy regime. Every regulatory body was stripped of not only their authority, but the people who knew how to regulate. Replaced by cronies who were there to tow the chimpy line. Remember Brownie for fucks sake.

    The gusher can be tied directly to cheney and his closed door energy meetings.

    I am so fucking tired of you teapublicans.

  10. I'm with you Mark - these fuckers still don't get it.

    I am coming to realize that this is a right-to-center site.

    I probably shouldn't be so vocirferous in my support of the middle class, here.

    Love you Ornery - how'd you get associated with such a bunch of tight-assed, corporatist republican assholes?

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  12. Gulf killer

    Ocean killer

    Depression maker

    And if these simple fuckers who call themselves Democrats don't start fighting the whole last 12 years will be Bama's fault.


  13. Greendayman,
    I'm surrounded by 'em!
    Don't worry, I am still a proud liberal and I don't back down when I'm right.
    This whole site is chock full of ravings against BushCo, that's why I started this blog and I ain't cutting Obama any slack either as he is continuing the same shit Bush started.
    He is Bush Lite.

  14. Nasty Girl11:24 AM

    His own girlfriend is one of em. But we just agree to disagree. I admire him for sticking up for what he believes is right even tho I may not agree. Smooch baby.

  15. You're a good man, Busted - that's why I come back for a beating every so often.

    I agree that Obambi is Bush Lite. THAT really pisses me off.

    I'm not getting any younger, or stronger but I am definitely getting mouthier!

    When I come up with or hear of a plan to deal with this bullshit, you will be one of the first to know.

    Thanks again, -g

  16. P.S. I just posted some good stuff on Saint Ronnie, so if you have Ron worshippers in your posse (I know I do, I just fished with two of them today! It takes massive patience.)

    Check it out here:

  17. Tis true that Bush II took more vacation than any other president. Why would this be a problem from your perspective? ;)
    Did he go on vacation when there was a crisis? Also, Bush suspended the Jones act after Katrina, so that help could show up faster. Has Obama? Didn't think so.
    And what's this war criminal BS? Put everything together and you may come up with .01 of the stuff that FDR pulled. Oops, here I go bashing Democrat saints again!
    Sorry, folks, but we've been played for generations. Democrats, Republicans - at the power level, they're a two-headed monster that shares the same heart. Our choices have all been bad. This last election we had a Chicago machine politician who never actually worked but scammed some major dough versus a senile 'war hero' (incompetent arrogant admiral's son) whose greatest achievement was to marry a rich woman (so what if he had to dump the first wife to do it). Embrace the suck, more is coming.