Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Empathy, Look It Up

I have seen several people having to deal with end of life issues lately.
They Blog about it, they tell ya about it, all the horrible shit that goes on, and I can absolutely identify.

Someone once said, the only things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes.
What that smart assed motherfucker forgot to mention was the thousands of fucking ways one can suffer before they finally say "Fuck It" and decide they have had enough and just let go, if they even get that choice.

I am not talking about the thousands of people who don't have that choice, the ones who get broad sided at an intersection or suddenly trip and fall over in the bath tub, have some asshole drop a bomb on their wedding party or decides that carpet bombing an entire county in some fucking foreign country will instantly take care of their immediate problems,

Not the ones who get hit by lightning, the ones who know it is coming.

The cancer patients, the little kids who have leukemia or the poor kids in third world countries that fucking die from malnutrition or diarhhea because the cows shit in their drinking water.

The ones when you are dead and there is no warning.

I am damn lucky to be alive because I have tempted fate many times.
Hey, Fate got in a few licks, believe me, I still walk with a limp.

My Granny fell down last night trying to get to the bathroom.
They think she had a stroke and is in the hospital,she is 96 and I don't doubt that for a minute, she has had several " Mini Strokes" already.

She is in good spirits and I helped to make her eat something and gave her a bit of dessert after I got off work. Airplane food sucks ass, these people have some grub goin' on!
Her eye sight is in question but I know she still has a sense of humor because when I kissed her goodnight, I told her she could have some more dessert after I left and she was laughing as I went out the door.
Hell, I am more worried about my Mother.My Mom has been there to the point of exhaustion and I have some damn fine relatives that have been helping and spreading the word. It's called Family.
Proud of 'em.

Ya never fucking know when bad shit is going to strike like lightning, live your life accordingly, I always have.


  1. I hope Granny recovers quickly and well... and that she experiences as little pain as possible.

  2. You are a sweet heart honey, thanks for your good thoughts.


  3. Nasty Girl11:18 PM

    Like I said baby, you tell her for me I hope she gets well soon and you hang in there. I love you. You and she will be in my prayers. Smooch.

  4. oh dayam busted. sending warm positive healing thoughts and prayers to granny and huggies for the family.

  5. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Cannot say anything about grannies - never meet one alive. Wait when it comes to ur mother when she'll end-up at "intensive care unit" or hospice room. "Home dieing" is even worse. So fucking artificial - its beyond imaginable.
    We all understand that at some point we must go. But when it comes to our older ones its explode ur memories. When u've said something to put ur mother in tears, or when u did not say something to wipe these tears off.
    When u've been just plain asshole with all the "rightful thinking" and reasoning but its breaks ur mother's heart over and over again...
    And in the last moments of her life she loves u as at the day u was born and u're so fucking sorry that u wanna fucking die right there to fix that, near her bad.
    And there is nothing anyone could do about it. There are no fixes, no excuse. And worse part that now u'll have to carry all ur sorrow to ur last day.
    So love ur parents when they alive, remember that it helps u to get over their death, it will make it less painful and sounds absurd when they gone.

    Josie, the fucking stubborn moron.

  6. All my best to you and your family Busted...

  7. Hang in there Busted. We have all been where you are going. Remember all the good times. You and your family are in my prayers.

    See Ya.

  8. Just saw this.

    So sorry to hear it, Busted.

    I lost my grannies many years ago and would pay all the money that I have (and more if I had more) to have mine back even for a little while.

    Hope she's on the mend!

    Love ya,