Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

You nasty bastards.

How do you think we all got here?

Dads doing the nasty.

Heh, you moms don't get off the hook either, nasty.

Hell, we're all nasty bastards now that I think of it, some of us are just way the hell nastier than others.

Guilty as charged.
So, if ya get the chance on this Fathers day, get yer nasty on.
Trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better.


  1. Nasty Girl5:59 PM

    Got nasty on the brain after a weekend with the nasty girl. And what a weekend too. Damn! You are THE man! Happy father's day baby. Love you. Smooch!

  2. Guess you ARE getting back into for Busted... Get over that funk and rant away!!