Friday, June 11, 2010

A Hundred And Fifty Eight Bucks To Vent My Spleen.

That's two months plus the late fee for getting on the internet.
Hey, I like porn as much as the next guy but that is ridiculous.

I'm sorry, I can't afford to pay these motherfuckers that much just to vent my spleen.
As therapeutic as this is, that's a lot of stuff on sale at Bi Mart, and a whole lot of beer.
I still have two months left with these fuckers at Verizon, then I am going to find some cheap fucking internet provider because this shit is killing me.That's why I have not been posting, I was behind on my payment and they shut me down. I don't like having to use my computer at work. Right now, I just paid 'em off for one more month but I am done with that shit.Sixty five bucks a month just for internet access?

Kiss my narrow ass.
It ain't like I have any earth shattering thing to say.