Tuesday, June 01, 2010


No, not the one that opened up in Guatemala...the one fucking SCOTUS opened up with this absolute bullshit ruling.

Miranda no longer applies unless you specifically tell the police up front that you are enforcing it for yourself. Which I guarantee they will promptly ignore while they attempt to interrogate your ass into an admission of guilt.

This decision is so blindingly stupid that SCOTUS ruled that the guy in question waived his Miranda rights by REMAINING SILENT. Let me just repeat that...he somehow waived his Miranda rights by failing to enunciate to the police that he was invoking them!

Yes, he was guilty and yes they trapped him into an admission. But this ruling bodes ill for the rest of us in ways that should be readily apparent.

The state will still recognize your rights under Miranda but it is no longer incumbent upon them to make sure that they are granted. You, not the state, will now be responsible for enforcing your civil rights under law.

I'm sure every police officer in America will kindly help you out with a friendly reminder. Not.

In that light, why have the fucking law at all any more? Might as well just say the hell with it and repeal it completely. If the state is no longer responsible for enforcement then it isn't even a law anymore, now is it? They just moved Miranda from the required reading list to the suggested section. Holy fucking shit.

This is a sinkhole of massive proportions and just one more example of the systematic erosion of our rights by the Federal government.

Pop quiz: name one totalitarian police state that DIDN'T get the ball rolling by stripping it's citizenry of previously held rights.

Day by day I recognize this country as the America I grew up in less and less.