Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wood Shop Time

The weather is getting nice so I don't have to wait hours and hours for the propane heaters to make it tolerable. Concrete floors and a 15' ceiling are great in the summer 'cause it stays cool in the heat but miserable in the winter 'cause it takes so long to warm up.

So I been slackin' over the winter and I've got a bunch of projects I want to get done. I've got a half finished Tigerwood bowl that's been just sitting on the lathe for a couple of months now and a Myrtlewood blank ready to go next and a Tupelo one after that. I've got a Bubinga and Poplar box I gotta get done for my sister, too.

Meh...she lives in Oklahoma so if she bitches too much I'll just send a used appliance or old couch for the front yard to calm her down until I get the box done.

I've got enough Bubinga left over from some kids chairs (that a rich friend of my moms paid WAY too much money for) to make a nice entry way mirror frame with drawers. Gonna try a Maloof round on that one 'cause the set back drawer fronts are way fucking cool. And I've got the pine to make a big ass Early American style kitchen cabinet, floor to ceiling with frame and panel doors on the bottom half. Sweet.

I been wantin' to make the OB a mission oak chair, too...just 'cause I was talkin' to him in a bar one time and he actually knew who the fuck Gustav Stickley was*. That man rants and raves and cusses a lot but I'll tell ya what, he's one of the smartest people I know. Very few people who aren't woodworkers know that name. I'll probably fuck with him though and make him a miniature version just 'cause the Weasel Den is too small for a real one. Shhh...don't tell him.

If I'm not out in the shop I'll be on the couch playing Left4Dead: Congressional Edition.


*=My edit, Busted.