Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Long Slide Into Anarchy Continues Unabated

Four more banks went under Friday, that makes 26 this year,it is early March, and 140 last year.
166 banks tits up in a little over a year.

The ARM's are due to reset and another gazillion people will be staring at foreclosure.
That isn't some abstract thing, I came damn close to being foreclosed on and it one of the scariest things I have ever faced because I had a family.
Millions of Americans have already had that worst fear become a reality and millions more are about to.

The Commercial real estate bubble is exploding, the economy is in the shitter and unemployment is still very high.

Now I am seeing where these fancy pants economists are talking about a double dip recession.

Let me, in no uncertain terms, call BULLSHIT.

There is no double dip, the fucking economy is still in the throws of DEPRESSION.
There was no recovery, even though they tried to hornswaggle everyone into thinking that there was some kind of end to the misery, there wasn't.
Just the same shit and more of it, ad nauseum.

Then, to add insult to injury, we had Rep Bunning single handedly hold up an unemployment benefits extension for hundreds of thousands of suffering Americans just to make some cheap political points.
His reaction when other Senators tried begging him to quit blocking the motion?
"Tough Shit".

I don't think Mr. Bunning realizes just how lucky he is to still be alive.

Everyone except the ultra rich is feeling the pinch.
I have seen several other Bloggers note increased traffic cops everywhere, fining the shit out of every infraction they can find, trying to raise revenue. I don't give a shit what they call their tactics, safety yadda yadda, it is money they are after and damn straight skippy, I have noticed it around here too.

The PTB are going to fuck around and find out you can't get blood out of a turnip.
The whole country is broke, the States, the Feds and the people.

Meanwhile, the Banksters are still playing the same fucking game they were that brought all this misery upon us and no one has done a fucking thing to change the rules, business as usual.

There is a huge crack in the foundation under our country and they are driving a wedge in it with a sledge hammer.
When it finally crumbles, there is going to be hell to pay.
When the average American Idiot finally realizes the game is up, there is going to be anarchy.
That is something as a country we cannot afford to see.

Spring is coming finally, it is a beautiful day outside and now I am going to get off my own lazy ass and do something I have been waiting for.
I am going outside and start my garden.
I have lots to do and then I am going to the Dollar store and see if I can't get a few more boxes of those delicious Scalloped Potatoes to stash away.

Keep your eyes open and your ass hunkered down, it ain't over by a long shot, don't believe a word of any economic recovery, they are lying motherfuckers. We know it, they know it and they know we know it.
Stop playing their games and start taking steps to minimize the amount of propaganda that you expose yourselves to and for God's sake, start putting food away.
Tomatoes are already scarce and Leggo My Eggo is more true now than ever, there aren't any.
Open your eyes!
The just in time inventory system is a miserable failure.
Start a pantry and stock it up so you are not vulnerable to disruptions in the delivery system!
Now get yer butts outside and get busy.