Monday, March 22, 2010

We're Screwed

The idiots pulled the trigger and socialized health care. Who in their right mind trusts the fucking government to efficiently operate such a vast enterprise? Not me, I can damn sure tell ya that. They fuck up everything they touch and this promises to be a debacle of massive proportions.

It still has to get past the Senate and I hope it gets squashed like the truly bad idea it is. Health care reform? Damn betcha...I'm all for it. Government run health care? Oh, no...fuck no. Regulate it, don't take it over. Nationalized anything is never a good idea. Just look at the tax rates in nanny-states like Great Britain and Sweden.

The States who are suing have the right idea in trying to stop this bullshit. The Federal Government was never supposed to be anywhere near as huge as it has become and today it got a whole lot fucking bigger. That is NOT a good thing.

There are some things that the government should keep their fucking noses out of. I don't want 'em telling me what I can or can't read or watch, I don't want 'em telling me what I can or can't do in the privacy of my own bedroom, I don't want 'em telling me who I can or can't associate with and I don't want the dirty sonsabitches involved in my health care decisions.

If there were two fucking brain cells to rub together in Washington they would have done this right and put an end to crap like hospitals charging $140 for a single Tylenol. You can make all the arguments you want about insurance and pharmaceutical companies raping consumers when it comes to health care but your words will fall on deaf ears because I fucking AGREE with you. But you cannot tell me that the answer is having the government step in and take over! That is outright Socialism at best and Communism at worst, both of which are social/political experiments that have failed.

This is so fucking stupid it reminds me of a picture somebody took at the rim of the Grand Canyon, posted by the National Park Service. It said "Closed". Closed? The Grand Canyon is closed? Whatta you got a fucking LID for it? It ain't closed, it's right fucking there! Take down the stupid fucking sign and let me pass.

Morons. Our country is run by incompetent fucking morons. And those same morons are about to be in charge of health care. Fuck!