Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One For The History Books.

Via Driftglass,who you should all know by now is my personal fucking hero, comes a link to a guy called American Dad at TPM, that should be read and understood by every single individual in this country who claims to be a Conservative.
I strongly urge you to click on EVERY SINGLE LINK that he provides to back up his statements, as there are many.
This is the penultimate over view of the current condition of the Right Wing of this country right this minute and I dare anyone to try and argue against the charges leveled after clicking on the links that he uses to back up his argument.

What an epic, verbal, ass beating.

By the way, it is an invitation to come back as responsible adults and help fix this country, though from what I see lately, it will go unheeded and openly scorned.

Left or Right, I urge you to go read what this guy has to say, it is spot on and is exactly why I have had all of the shit I am going to take out of these ignorant motherfuckers.

That being said, I could use a bit of my own advice and turn it down a notch myself.

We need to work together and fix this God Awful mess.

If the rhetoric flying around these days doesn't get ratcheted down a notch, I see civil war coming, again.

If it doesn't, this time, there will be no more America.