Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cops in NY subways with machine guns...WTF?

This is our response to Chechen rebels setting off bombs in Russian subways. Islamic extremists/Chechen ultra-nationalist suicide bombers halfway around the world bring out cops in NY carrying machine guns in crowded public places?

Really? What the fuck are they gonna shoot...the pink mist left behind by the suicide bomber? The suspicious backpack that little kid is wearing?

This is just fucking stupid and it wouldn't make me feel safe at all. I'd want to get as far away from that cop as possible because if he did use that weapon he'd kill more innocent people than a bomb would.

Anybody who thinks this represents "security" is a fucking moron. This is nothing more than an after-the-fact-that-happened-somewhere-else display of false bravado. Those machine guns would be absolutely fucking USELESS because they would only come into play AFTER THE FACT.

We'd be far better off with tons of undercover cops trained as people watchers but that ain't gonna happen. Hell, that'd be just as boring to the cops as trying to change the system from within would have been to those militia guys they busted in Michigan the other day...