Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy first birthday to Slobber and Spittle one of The Pacific Northwests own.

Cujoe359 started building his Blog one year ago and he has come a long way.
Just in case you hadn't noticed, S&S is down to the left on the Blogroll and has been for a spell now.Cujo is a sharp dude and he puts out some damn fine stuff that really needs to be exposed to more folks.
Observant and eloquent, he makes you shake your head and say, your right.
Go give him some love .

My bad,I damned near missed this milestone,I just happened to stop by and see my Ol Pal Lotus and there it was.

1 comment:

  1. Well, thanks Bustednuckles. Sorry I didn't get the word out more, but I hardly ever get over to FDL these days.

    I suspect for every person who reads SnS and says "you're right", there's probably someone who says "aptly named blog". Fortunately, I'm not hearing from those people all that often. I like to think so, anyway, since it's a thought that restores my faith in human kindness.

    Looks like you've got 2.0 coming up here pretty soon. Keep us posted.